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5 Ways to Reset Your Mind for Recovery in 2021

Committing to recovery is a great first step toward a healthier life, but expecting overnight results can lead to disappointment. Here’s how to put yourself in the right frame of mind.   With the New Year comes the promise of a fresh start and a chance to reset your mind with healthier habits. If you … Continued

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International Overdose Awareness Day

August 31 Is International Overdose Awareness Day: Here’s Why It Matters

Drug and alcohol overdose has become a huge problem in America in recent years, killing tens of thousands of people each year. International Overdose Awareness Day, celebrated August 31, began nearly 20 years ago in Australia to raise awareness about drug overdose, reduce stigma toward drug-related deaths, offer a safe space for friends and family to … Continued

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Covid-19 substance abuse recovery

How Covid-19 Is Impacting Substance Abuse Recovery

Covid-19 has led to an increase in people a year or more into recovery seeking addiction treatment The reasons are many, but the loss of simple, everyday norms has played a major role Keeping doctors appointments, reaching out to friends and family, and utilizing online resources can lower the risk of relapse   The Covid-19 … Continued

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7 Pandemic-Proof Relapse Prevention Strategies

The Covid-19 pandemic has complicated recovery for a lot of people by disrupting routines and making support more difficult to access. When therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, interaction with friends and family and other relapse prevention strategies become limited, the temptation to self-medicate or return to old habits “just this once” can be hard to overcome.   … Continued

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addiction recovery support system

Life After Rehab: How to Build Your Support System

Transitioning from rehab back into everyday life can be incredibly difficult. However, the journey is easier if you have a strong and reliable support system in place. When you have a network of people who want to help you succeed, it gives you a sense of security and confidence. During recovery, that can make a … Continued

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Mental Health Evaluation

Do I Need a Mental Health Evaluation?

Have questions about your mental health? Call us at 855-430-9426 to speak with a recovery specialist. Everyone struggles with their mental health from time to time, particularly in times of heightened stress. As the world faces health concerns and economic challenges, we are all a little more on edge. But if you are experiencing negative … Continued

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SMART Recovery meetings online

SMART Recovery Meetings Online

Need help right now? Call us at 855-430-9426 to speak with a recovery specialist. SMART Recovery meetings are a volunteer-based alternative to 12-step programs Meetings follow a 4-point program that helps you maintain motivation and find life balance SMART Recovery meetings online offer a chance to participate, no matter where you live For many people … Continued

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What Is a Sober Companion? For Some, They’re the Missing Piece to Recovery

A sober companion is a hired support person who assists with life after treatment There are three types: live-in, on-call, and sober escorts Companions differ from sponsors, who typically focus only on the 12-step program   Addiction treatment is an incredible achievement, yet many people who complete rehab programs worry about heading home. Even with … Continued

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What is a Halfway House?

What Is a Halfway House? How Transitional Living Impacts Your Recovery

Restarting life after recovery is difficult. A halfway house can make the transition easier.   Addiction treatment doesn’t end with detox. The journey is much longer and takes ongoing effort. While that may seem daunting, it isn’t a road people have to travel alone or ill-equipped. There are tools, like halfway houses, that can help … Continued

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