About Us

Personalized drug addiction treatment for every client.

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Our Mission

At Sprout Health Group, we believe in evidence-based, comprehensive treatment programs that lead to lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. With experienced clinicians, counselors and medial staff, we can provide highly personalized treatment based on each client’s unique needs, a distinction from other rehab services that we are proud to maintain across every Sprout Health Group treatment center. Our passion for helping clients rebuild their lives, coupled with an equal passion for ongoing research into the most effective drug addiction treatment methods, allows us fulfill our mission of helping clients find long-term, sustainable sobriety.

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Who We Are

Sprout Health Group is led by some of the nation’s leading medical and experts in the field of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We are passionate about what we do, and we’re proud of our long record of success in helping people who suffer from addiction to find lifelong recovery and new freedom from substance abuse. Our clinicians and behavioral professionals utilize the most advanced therapeutic treatment methods and effective experiential modalities to treat both addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our facilities are licensed by the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing, and accredited by the Joint Commission.