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Long-Term Effects of Weed

The Long-Term Effects of Weed

Need to talk to someone about addiction to weed? Call us at 866-278-6311 to speak with a recovery specialist. Long-term weed use can have unexpected consequences, such as a lower IQ Marijuana use particularly affects teenagers because of their developing brains Although it can be a “gateway” drug to other substances, it often isn’t When … Continued

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Sober Celebrities

These 10 Celebrities Choose Sobriety

Have questions about how to stay sober? Call us at 866-278-6311 to speak with a recovery specialist. In a world that seems to revolve around social drinking, it might be hard to believe that some of its most social people are choosing sobriety. But that’s exactly what an increasing number of A-Listers are doing. From … Continued

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Pain Awareness Month

September Is Pain Awareness Month

Chronic pain affects more people than you might think. Pain Awareness Month raises awareness for this important issue.   For those who suffer from chronic pain, daily life can be a struggle. Consistent pain can disrupt concentration, interfere with sleep, and even lead to depression and anxiety. To complicate matters, many of the prescription medications … Continued

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How to help a friend through drug addiction

8 Ways to Help Your Friend Through Drug Addiction

It isn’t easy to watch a loved one struggle. Here’s how you can help a friend through drug addiction.   The National Institute of Health claims that 10% of US adults will experience a drug disorder at some point in their lives. The agency also details  that three in four of those adults report not … Continued

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Senior doctor asking elderly patient questions

Treatment for Drug Addiction Provides a Life Saving Solution

When people struggle with drug addiction, regaining sobriety may seem like a distant or impossible dream. The truth is recovery is never far away or out of reach. It does not matter how hopeless a person believes their situation to be. Change is possible when a person receives comprehensive and effective drug treatment. Treatment for … Continued

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Medicine and alcohol isolated on black background with reflection

Fighting Addiction Through Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

For anyone fighting a drug or alcohol addiction, drug and alcohol treatment centers provide life-saving rehab solutions for medically supervised detox and rehab. Making the choice to attend rehab, whether it is a personal choice or one mandated by a court of law, is the right thing to do for addicted individuals. Detox, without properly … Continued

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