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Alcoholism and alcohol abuse is a serious life addiction condition

Alcoholism is now considered an alcohol disorder, where the user continues to consume alcohol, even though it is negatively impacting their life. Alcohol’s active ingredient, ethanol, is a mind altering substance that is very addictive. User’s who habitually and persistently continue with an unhealthy pattern of use, typically develop serious behavioral problems, as well as, a physical and psychological dependence to the substance.

Some Signs of Alcoholism

The following signs and symptoms are considered to be universal for individuals with alcoholism:

  • Constant smell of alcohol on the breath or skin
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Frequent aggressive arguments
  • Deterioration of personal hygiene or appearance
  • Lacking the ability to control alcohol consumptions
  • Constant alcohol cravings
  • Frequent overindulgence of alcohol (six or more drinks in one sitting)
  • Displaying withdrawal symptoms when they don’t consume alcohol
  • Always having alcohol readily available
  • Hiding their alcohol consumption
  • Having blackouts or lapses in memory

Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol TreatmentLike every other treatment, the first step to sobriety begins with detox. Luckily for alcohol abusers, nearly thirty-three percent of the people who successful complete a detox program, never experience any issues with alcohol past the first year. It is great hope to keep in mind, but the treatment process is not easy. Along with the beginning steps of detox, there are assessments. These assessments help to determine the severity of the damage done by excessive alcohol consumption, and the extent of the addiction. Answering these questions allows us to begin to determine what will be needed to help handle detox, and what therapeutic modalities will be the most effective. Withdrawal symptoms typically begin to exhibit quickly after the introduction of detox. These symptoms can range from loss of appetite all the way to nightmares and hallucinations. Depending on the severity of withdrawal symptoms, medications will be administered. Along with medications, individuals will receive behavioral therapy to help change their mindset and the way they view addiction. These therapies also help them to become more responsible for their actions, and focus on solving issues, instead of drowning their issues with alcohol. One more unique features is, we counsel families on how to interact with each other, and how to deal with future issues.

At Sprout Health Group, we offer a wide range of treatments that offer the chance of the longest lasting rehabilitation. In incorporating skilled professionals, and family support, we help individuals build the best support network, and the clearest mindset.

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