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Family Therapy

familyMental health issues as well as substance abuse do not only affect the individual. The entire family can be affected in a variety of ways. Family interactions and relationships can be tested. Family resources can also be stretched to their limits. Tempers can flare and once-strong family ties can ultimately show signs of breaking. These can add strain to the already vulnerable status of the affected individual. Sprout Health Group recognizes the importance of maintaining the solidarity and integrity of the family as a social unit. Hence, Sprout’s Family Therapy experiential treatments are designed primarily to foster family ties and strengthen these bonds throughout the duration of the individual’s treatment.

The family can be the source of the individual’s mental health issues or substance abuse problems because of some dysfunctional family dynamics. The family can also contribute to the proliferation of the unwanted behavior because of a perceived lack of support or direction from other members of the family. In some cases, multiplicity of roles imposed by the family on a particular individual can put unnecessary strain on the psychological and emotional capabilities of this family member. In other cases, the family can simply do nothing to provide support or even encouragement for the individual. Nevertheless, Sprout Health Group firmly believes in the value of the family as a support structure necessary for the individual’s complete recovery.

Sprout Health Group believes that even after the completion of the treatment program, the individual will still need all the support he can get to stay the course and to remain addiction-free and sober for the rest of his life. This can be best ascertained if the family has been fully prepared for such a role. This is what a Family Therapy is all about at Sprout.

Family Therapy is the umbrella term for several treatments provided by Sprout to its clients in an effort to improve family dynamics and interactions. The best way to help foster better family dynamics is by doing things together as a family. Each of these Family Therapy programs are designed to elicit a specific role from each member of the family where everyone will be able to learn to trust one another, show caring and compassion for each other, and become committed towards keeping the family as a whole regardless of the problem or circumstance. What is very important to understand is that the goal of Family Therapy experiential treatments is to strengthen the family as a social unit so everyone can be there to support one another.

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