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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Sprout Health Group is dedicated to provide meaningful experiences for all of its clients in order to help them better appreciate and understand their behavior. Sprout’s experiential therapies rely heavily on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy including the belief that many of the emotions or mental health issues that individuals have are ultimately tied to their maladaptive thoughts and behaviors.

At Sprout Health Group, our teams of licensed cognitive behavioral therapists design and customize therapeutic modalities that are geared towards helping individuals develop healthier concepts about themselves.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – Focus is on Experiential Therapies

More often than not, many of the individuals seeking treatment and professional help at Sprout have thoughts or ideas that are not reflective of healthy cognitive processes. These are often the result of exposure to unhealthy life events and circumstances including interactions with the family, friends, and work colleagues.

Cognitive Behavioral TherapyUnfortunately, proponents of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model believe that it is these collection of life experiences that the individual is ultimately able to form conceptualizations or draw generalizations about himself, his worth in this world and his family, and whether or not he is being accepted for who he is or not. Generalizations, unfortunately, can never be tested and can only be presumed to be a fact only when certain events or situations are repeated over a long period of time. This cements the idea that the individual has the characteristics that was already formed. So, if the mind of an individual tells him that he is weak and does not deserve to live, these can be reinforced by how he interacts with others and the world around him, further leading to the belief that the individual is indeed weak.

As behaviors are the outward manifestations of thought processes as well as emotions, having the thought of being a weak individual can produce a behavior that is submissive, indecisive, pathetic, and subservient. Emotionally, the individual can go into depression with the potential for suicide ideation. This is just one example of how life experiences can help shape an individual’s idea about himself which, in turn, can shape his emotions and his behavior. It is therefore the aim of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs to make sure that individuals will be able to reshape or modify their way of thinking and be able to learn new skills to help them act in a more adaptive and healthier manner.

By using experiential therapies where the goal of each treatment is to allow the individual experience joy, fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment in order to help him develop a more positive idea about himself. This can help him gain more confidence in his abilities and help strengthen his resolve to become a much better person. In a way, these experiential treatments based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy replaces destructive negative thoughts and behavior with more constructive and positive thinking and doing. The net effect is a much-better understanding of one’s condition and a renewed hope in life after treatment.

Sprout believes that individuals with mental health issues, substance use disorders, or co-occurring conditions can really benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatments. These are proven ways to help individuals feel a lot better about themselves by creating more positive thoughts and behaviors.

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