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The social stigma of having a family member with a psychiatric mental illness is often one of the reasons why families would rather keep to themselves any problems that they might have. And while there have been many significant improvements in the delivery of psychiatric mental health in this country.

Many individuals and families simply choose not to avail of these mental health services. For many members of society having a diagnosed psychiatric mental health problem is a taboo.

State of Mental Health in the US

mental healthAccording to health experts, one out of 2 individuals has a diagnosable mental health problem at least once throughout the course of their lifetime. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration also released a report saying that, only 58.7 percent of all individuals with serious mental health problems are able to seek the treatment that they really need. The remaining 41.3 percent often present themselves with behavioral issues that further complicate their mental health problems. A great number of these individuals have substance abuse and addiction issues to compound their highly volatile mental and emotional states.

Our team of experts at the Sprout Health Group understands very well the relationship between substance addiction and these mental health problems in that one can effectively mask the other. Our specialists in the field of psychiatric mental health and behavioral sciences can help individuals struggling with substance addiction. It’s to sort out their thoughts and emotions in order to ensure a greater chance of success in your recovery.

Recognizing Mental Health Issues

Unlike organic and physiologic diseases, identifying mental health issues requires a keen understanding of the inner workings of the mind and how it translates into behavior. It should be understood that the symptoms of mental health problems often overlap one another. Unlike organic conditions where pathognomonic signs can be taken as the hallmark of a particular disease, there is no such thing as an identifying mark in a mental illness. For example, the feeling of sadness can be taken as a natural reaction to a loss. However, if taken within a particular context, it can take on an entirely different meaning. If it has been 5 years since the loss and the individual still feels perpetually sad, then this already qualifies it as depression. Unfortunately, sadness is not only the qualifying parameter for depression. It is a rather complex interplay of symptoms and circumstances that mental health professionals should be able to make sense for the benefit of the patient and their family.

Sprout Health Group’s mental health experts have demonstrated competence and proficiency in the determination and diagnosis of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, and even schizophrenia. Individuals can count on our team of licensed mental health professionals to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis to help in the planning of the most appropriate care for the individual.

Attaining Mental Wellness the Sprout Way

The management of mental health conditions is quite lengthy. Nevertheless, at Sprout Health Group individuals and their respective families can count on us to provide them with the best and most comprehensive means of attaining mental wellness whether through our residential treatment program, our partial hospitalization program, or even our intensive outpatient program. The cognitive behavioral therapies that Sprout Health Group uses are carefully tailored to the characteristics and needs of individual patients. The therapy is designed to challenge maladaptive thoughts in order to help individuals find more meaningful, healthier, and more constructive behaviors in relation to the event or circumstance triggering the maladaptive thought.

doctor and patientGroup therapy sessions further help the individual learn about these maladaptive thoughts and will feel obliged to correct them with the help of fellow patients. Other therapeutic modalities such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, relaxation exercises, and biofeedback may be provided to individuals depending on their interests. Psychodrama may also help facilitate the expression of thought patterns, which the individual may find difficult to express verbally. The use of aural biofeedback has also been shown to be particularly effective in determining the possible triggers of the mental health issue of the individual.

Sprout Health Group understands very well the relationship between substance addiction and these mental health problems in that one can effectively mask the other.

Studies show a strong relationship between substance abuse and poor mental health. Our team of experts at Sprout Health Group continuously monitors the progress of individuals so that they lead lives with healthier thoughts and emotions, which, consequently, lead to safer and healthier behaviors. At Sprout Health Group, the aim of the mental health program is to enable individuals to manage their own lives a lot better once they return to their homes.

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