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Trauma Yoga Treatment

Yoga is known as a practice teaching self-regulation and fostering calmness of both body and mind. It is a reassuring treatment involving meditation, physical flexibility, and emotional distress.

yogaEveryone knows that yoga has many benefits for the mind and body. Through the years, the art of yoga has also proven remedial to hypertension, sleeping disorders, and body pain. Nowadays, many health institutions offer yoga to their patients since it was also discovered to empower and heal traumatized victims.

Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders haunt many individuals throughout their lifetime. Most of the time, it leads to depression, panic disorders, and other long-lasting mental consequences. Yoga is known as a practice teaching self-regulation and fostering calmness of both body and mind. It is a reassuring treatment involving meditation, physical flexibility, and emotional distress.

Trauma-senstive yoga is a term coined to describe yoga done in a therapeutic and treatment context. Yoga therapy done in centers help the patients become comfortable with their bodies and learn to silently communicate with their thoughts. Many patients fear going to these treatments thinking that it will bring back horrible memories, but what the therapy really aims for is for them to be comfortable of their bodies and to avoid rumination of thoughts and memories.

The healing process involves the mind, body, and the spirit. The conventional trauma psychotherapies usually let the victims speak out their thoughts, and neglecting addressing their bodies’ needs. This unique method is a new platform that will relate one’s body to their thoughts and emotions, complemented by gentle breathing patterns.

Of course, to make to experience more successful, clinics make sure they provide the conducive environments so that it’s easier for the patients to engage and loosen up. As much as possible, windows should be covered, so as to prevent sunlight entering the room. Warm light is preferred during sessions. Mirrors are also prohibited since they are distractions for the recovering clients. The more they see themselves, the less they will focus on their inner selves. Most importantly, the room should be big enough to accommodate everyone.

The routines start with simple neck stretches and shoulder rolls and then the teacher starts the demonstration for the yoga postures. What’s important in each session is that the people feel that they are secure, calm, and not judged. Relaxation in different postures teach them to identify what is happening with their bodies. At the same time, it eases muscle tension, decreases anxiety levels, and reduce production of stress hormones as one continues.

Overall, the important aspect of trauma yoga treatment is to help an individual relate to their own body, thoughts, and feelings. It is a way to make sense of whatever experiences one has encountered; thus, overcome the fears and frustrations they have left.

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