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There is a lingering misconception that when a person is striving to quit addiction, one should only steer clear of the drugs and alcohol. Many think that there is no harm in wolfing down junk food, fatty foodstuffs, and sweets. Despite that, many researches show that a change to healthy eating habits will promote faster recovery.

nutritionistThere’s already a common understanding that battling drug and alcohol addiction is not that easy, but the issues regarding food make the condition worse. With exposure to alcohol and drugs, the nutritional system of the body is largely affected; thus, nutritional deficiencies are the usual consequences. Due to this, recovering addicts frequently experience bowel movement issues and severe vomiting. Coupled with loss of appetite caused by the stimulants, they are undoubtedly nutrient-deficient.

Many rehabilitation centers still do not offer nutritional and dietary programs, but nutritional therapy is a significant method in aiding the healing process of many patients. The rationale behind it is simple: a healthy and balanced diet will make the individuals feel better physically and mentally. Plus, teaching and exposing them to the right food will change their perspective on their usual intake. There is a possibility for a paradigm shift regarding their need for drugs and alcohol.

How does healing start with eating?

With food intake that is now regulated and supervised by doctors and specialists, eating will repair the body damages narcotics and liquor have caused. Now, the body has more energy to replace tissues and repair the affected organs. With the systems in well condition, the body can now start functioning properly.

Additionally, nourishment affects the mood swings of an individual. Studies show that food choices have an effect on mental health ultimately influencing an individual’s behavior.

There are certain food stuff that give out minerals and substances that can boost one’s spirits. Serotonin, which is a positive mood enhancer, is abundant in cheese, nuts, tofu, and eggs. Nutritionists in health facilities have certainly proven that there is a connection between food and mood.

Since recovering patients now have the proper food supplements, physically, they are faster healing. The higher energy they have, they more they can actively participate, the less chances they’ll have of suffering relapse.

However, one should still keep an eye on the food cravings such as sugar. Research suggests that sugar addiction can trigger other addictions. Thus, this might hinder a steady and effective recovery.

After a long period of nutritional neglect, being in a rehab center with a nutritionist on site is rewarding for both the mind and the body. To become fully sober, one should get rid of previous cravings and replace them with healthier appetites.

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