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Holistic Rehab Treatment

Cognitive behavioral therapies remain the cornerstone of many substance addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs. With the help of more effective and less toxic medications for addiction management, they comprise the standard of care for the individual recovering from addiction. However, for many people, this is often not enough and as such will require a more holistic approach to the management of their addiction problems.

Holistic Health

Experts define holism as the sum total of every aspect of health in any given individual. This means that not only are you going to strive for physical health and mental wellness, you also have to strive for emotional balance, social harmony, and spiritual enlightenment. Holistic health therefore is centered on the achievement of a balance between mind, body, and spirit.

holisticTo illustrate the connection between these three, consider yourself as having been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease which you must be able to manage well lest you suffer potentially fatal consequences. The physiologic effects of the disease will bring about decreased oxygenation of the tissues. Poor oxygenation to the brain can severely impair cognitive performance leading to poor problem-solving skills as well as diminished decision-making skills. Over time, this affects the way you interact with your co-workers or even superiors leading to problems at work. Social relationships may also suffer. For some individuals who have been beset by successive failures, they may begin

Holistic Rehab

When applied in substance addiction, holistic rehab treatment centers are designed in such a way to help addicts and substance dependents to understand their addictions including how to cope with addiction triggers and find more constructive alternatives to substance abuse. More importantly, a holistic rehab treatment program is designed specifically to help the individual develop his very own long-term recovery plan that takes into consideration his physical health, his mental wellbeing, his emotional stability, his social health, and his spiritual wellness.

Holistic Rehab Treatments

The following are some of the more common holistic treatment approaches used in substance addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Acupuncture – Generally recognized as one of the best ways to manage bodily pains and other physical discomforts. This allows the person to feel a lot more relaxed and be in a much calmer state.
  • Nutritional therapy – The body requires all the protein it needs for cellular repair and tissue regeneration. Vitamins can function in aiding the various chemical and enzymatic processes of the body while minerals can enhance these physiologic processes. The overall effect is that the body is given the much-needed building blocks for its repair and regeneration.
  • Exercise – Even ordinary exercises can help promote optimum physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Exercise improves oxygenation of the tissues which improves mental or cognitive processes. This greatly translates to improved emotional health as you will naturally feel a lot better about yourself.
  • Massage therapy – Because of its soothing and calming effect, massage therapy can provide a great relief against both physical tiredness and mental fatigue. When used with certain essential oils or aromatics, the effect can be heighted to deliver a full state of complete relaxation.
  • Spiritual counseling – Finding new meaning in all the things that have occurred often requires a more enlightened approach. A spiritual counselor can help individuals establish newer, more meaningful directions in their lives.
  • Yoga – Yoga focuses on strength and flexibility as well as the awareness of one’s breathing in order to attain mental, physical, and spiritual health.
  • Meditation – More like training the mind to focus on a single thought, meditation has been closely related to other treatment modalities and has been particularly effective in the management of mild to moderate pain. Meditation effectively teaches individuals the value of focus and concentration.
  • Art therapy – Individuals who may have problems verbalizing their feelings may do so through art. The choice of colors, shapes, and symbols can be used by clinicians to gain an insight into the thoughts of individuals which can be an excellent discussion point during individual counseling sessions.
  • Music therapy – Just like art therapy, music appeals to the emotion of man; it becomes an important tool in the discovery of his thoughts.
  • Tai-chi – Experts describe tai-chi as doing yoga in fluid movements. It combines graceful exercises and the controlled regulation of breathing as in yoga. It is known to be particularly effective in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

At Sprout Health Group, we provide holistic rehab treatment services depending on the needs of our clients. Our team of licensed clinicians work closely with each client to determine the best therapy for his condition. At Sprout Health Group, we understand the need to have a well-balanced and more holistic approach to the management of our clients’ substance addiction problems.

More importantly, a holistic rehab treatment program is designed specifically to help the individual develop his very own long-term recovery plan that takes into consideration his physical health, his mental wellbeing, his emotional stability, his social health, and his spiritual wellness.

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