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Binge Eating Disorder

Knowing when someone has a Binge Eating Disorder; know the signs..

Binge eating disorder (BED) is a serious illness. However, it is curable. Find the medial attention you or a loved one needs.

Binge Eating DisorderBinge eating disorder (BED) occurs when a person eats large quantities of food, very quickly, to the point of discomfort. Quite often, the person will feel a degree of guilt or shame after each eating binge. They may also induce vomiting, and then start the process all over again. Binge eating disorder can be a severe and life-threatening infliction if left unchecked.

Unfortunately, the disorder is not as easy to detect as bulimia. Quite often, binge eaters appear normal. Binge eating is most common in the US, and may affect as much as four percent of women, and two percent of men. What causes the disorder is still a mystery, but much is believed to be caused by psychological problems and pressures.

Recognizing the Signs of Binge Eating Disorder

  • Eating a lot of food in a very short period of time. The portions are larger than what most people would eat during the same time period.
  • An eating frenzy accompanied by an appearance the person is out of control.
  • A person will eat until they experience physical discomfort, and will even eat when not hungry.
  • Guilt usually follows where the person feels disgusted with themselves. They may also go in and out of stages of depression.

BED Characteristics

Not every person who suffers from BED will display the same behavioral characteristics. However, there will be certain behavioral patterns they all have in common. If you, a family member, or a loved on suffers from BED, help should be sought immediately. It is nothing to take lightly, and can cause bodily damage, even death. Some binge eaters, suffer from severe weight loss. This all plays into a psychological element, and that person may experience bouts of anger, worthlessness, anxiety, and increased tension.

Medical help will usually follow stages of identifying the problem, and then providing solutions to help get the person back on track to a more normal existence. Your primary care physician, nutritionists, and counselors may all play an important role in helping you get your life back to normalcy.

Almost without fail, any disorder, psychologically based, can be arrested when that person has purpose and meaning in life. In some miraculous way, people tend to go beyond their own shortcomings when there is a larger purpose. Work with those medical professionals who can help you get beyond your challenges in order to protect yourself an protect the ones you love.

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