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Anorexia Nervosa Treatment

Anorexia Nervosa poses great health risks and must be controlled

Anorexia nervosa is serious health risk. Know the signs and seek immediate medical help.

Anorexia NervosaWhen a person has anorexia nervosa, they suffer from a distorted image of their body. They see themselves as being overweight, when in fact, their condition is just the opposite. They are often grossly underweight. They will employ every effort to restrict their intake of calories, and will constantly convey a fear of becoming fat. What is so disturbing is that they cannot see themselves as how they really look to others.

Anorexia occurs by fasting, dieting (refusing to eat), or exercising excessively. They become extremely thin, and will still refuse to eat from the fear of becoming fat.

Who Is Affected by Anorexia Nervosa?

It can affect anyone of any gender or age group. The group that seems most affected are young females that range from middle to high socioeconomic status. The problems usually start at an early age. The alarming news is that for all causes of death, anorexia is 12 times higher for women aged 15-24. This is more prevalent in western cultures because being thin is thought of as being beautiful. Due to it being so common, it is not uncommon for women to have had a relative diagnosed with anorexia. It can also be brought on by nervous temperaments, such as uncontrollable anxieties.

What Are the Signs?

Signs include hair loss, low body temperatures, extreme loss of weight, low blood pressure, scratched knuckles, and an interruption or loss of menstrual cycles. One of every one hundred women may have anorexia. Another peculiar oddity about anorexic people is that they seem to care a great deal about food. Some even collect cookbooks and recipes. Yet, they simply do not join in the eating festivities.

Resulting complications can include heart problems kidney stones, stunted growth, thyroid problems, and even suicide. If you or someone you know has these symptoms, it is critical to get immediate medical help. Anorexia can lead to serious health problems. It can also lead to serious mental problems. As it stands, those who suffer from anorexia may already have some type of mental problem to begin with that caused such a distorted perception of themselves to begin with.

Treatment is most effective under the supervision of a medical doctor. Recommendations may include supervised weight gain along with psychological therapy. If the person has lost a lot of weight already, it is even more critical to get medical attention right away to prevent further bodily damage.

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