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Group Therapy

Individuals are not alone with their addiction and abuse problems

Sprout Health Group does not only provide individual treatment plans but also group therapy sessions. The benefits of Group Therapy are well-known especially in terms of creating an understanding that the individual is not alone in his problems.

Group TherapyGroup Therapy allows each member of the group to understand the complex nature of their mental illness or substance addictions within the context of a group setting and gives each one the opportunity to help one another. It is in this aspect that Group Therapy is able to provide hope among members of the group as each one attempts to do his best to recover while at the same time confident of the realization that there are others like him who are also making the journey to recovery.

There are a variety of Group Therapy models provided by Sprout to its clients. From 12-step programs to recreational therapies to outdoor therapies to expressive art therapies, these therapeutic programs allow each individual to relearn social skills that are important in building and maintaining mutually beneficial and healthier social relationships. These group therapies are designed to develop trust and confidence in each other’s abilities as well as reliance on one’s capacities and resources with respect to those of others. It fosters teamwork and interdependence. It teaches them respect for each other’s unique individuality as well as the value of communication. These can help the individual lead more productive lives after treatment.

12-Step Programs

One of the most common forms of Group Therapy specifically designed for substance use disorders is the 12-step program, already numbering more than 100,000 groups in over 170 countries all over the world. The basic premise of these programs is that addictions are something that is out of the hands of individuals and that recovery can only be achieved if the individual completely overhauls himself and turns his life over to God. It is largely anchored on spiritual awakening whereby leading the path of the righteous and just is the only way to be cured of the ills of substance addiction. This is especially helpful among individuals who believe in the existence of a supreme being and has been largely successful in providing continuing support among alcoholics and illicit drug users all over the world. This is proof enough that addiction recovery is facilitated a lot better when support groups exist.

Recreational Groups

Outdoor activities designed for groups of clients at Sprout Heath Group provide each member with the opportunity to develop their interpersonal relationship skills as well as the use of assertive communication techniques. Ballgames, tug-of-war, and obstacle and relay courses can all serve to embody teamwork which requires trusting one another and believing in the capabilities of every member of the group. Different outdoor activities also teaches individuals on how they can build on their roles and respect the roles of others. They learn to appreciate and understand how different roles can affect group interactions and dynamics. For example, during an outdoor camping activity, one can be assigned for the preparation of food while another one will be responsible for starting the campfire. Others might be assigned to setup the tent, gather resources, or other tasks. Each member has a role to play.

Expressive Art Groups

There are individuals who may not be able to express their thoughts verbally. There are Group Therapy programs designed specifically to aid individuals in expressing their thoughts and emotions in more creative ways. Expressive Art Groups can use a variety of methodologies to allow individual group members to express their ideas and help them find new meaning and healing. These also allow individuals to indirectly acknowledge their conditions. Some of the more common expressive art groups at Sprout include the following:

Art therapy

Aids in developing self-awareness and social skills as well as help manage behavior, improve self-esteem, and reduce anxiety.

Music therapy

Creates positive social, mental, cognitive, and physical changes necessary to help the individual manage his behavioral problem.


Role-playing of otherwise emotionally-distressing psychological issues in an effort to understand underlying psychological and emotional conflicts to bring about physical and emotional wellbeing.

Dance or movement therapy

As a form of mind-body practice, it helps the individual to gain an understanding of the connection between mind and body processes.


Reading literature can enhance an individual’s motivation for personal growth and healing.

Integrated arts therapy

A combination of at least two different expressive arts can bring about much-needed self-awareness, greatly improved interpersonal relationships, and optimum emotional growth.

Sprout’s Group Therapy programs take into consideration the needs of each individual client. By helping individuals realize that they are not alone in their problems and that there are many who are ready to support them, it is a lot easier to ensure success in their recovery efforts.

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