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Experiential Therapies

Family Therapy, Yoga and meditation, Neurofeedback, Equine Therapy, and Group Therapy

When properly combined with other forms of therapy, these experiential therapies have the ability to bring hidden issues to the surface and help the individuals neutralize the damage they have done. These specific experiential therapies were selected because they have proven to be the most effective at creating awareness in an individual, and serve as a long lasting solution.

shutterstock_291020372We firmly believe in the use of complementary therapies, so in Sprout Health Group, we make sure to find the best Experiential therapies to pair with mainstream therapeutic modalities. Most experiential therapies focus on longevity, creating a peaceful environment, and uncovering subconscious issues. The purpose of them is to have the individual focused and relaxed, allowing them to better deal with issues after finishing treatment and experiencing therapeutic modalities. Experiential therapies also help individuals to re-learn emotions and that have been covered by their addiction. In revealing the subconscious issues and re-learning emotions individuals become better equipped to handle situations in the future, and to experience the proper emotions in these situations.

Some of the major forms of experiential Therapy that our facilities provide are; Family Therapy, Yoga and meditation, Neurofeedback, Equine Therapy, and Group Therapy. All are guided by guided by our skilled clinicians and therapists. Equine therapy is a form of therapy that utilizes horses in therapy, and helps to disarm participants fear of dealing with their problems. In dealing with these animals, feeding them, grooming them, and in general learning how to take care of them, individual’s also learn how to do these tasks for themselves. Along with re-learning normal skills, taking care of theses animals releases natural endorphins into the brains, allowing the individual to feel good about themselves and the situation.

Sprout Health Group is dedicated to the treatment of substance abuse through the implementation of highly innovative and customized treatment plans that are based on best practice guidelines and protocols. We understand how substance abuse can literally change someone’s life as not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and socially as well. Our residential and intensive outpatient programs are guaranteed to provide each client with the kind of treatment that they truly need in a homey, comfortable, yet truly luxurious setting.

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