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Pharmacogenetic Testing

Sprout Health Group believes that a person’s unique individuality is more than just skin-deep or a matter of differences in personality. This extends well into the domain of mental health and chemical dependence or substance addiction issues. That being said, no two treatments will be exactly alike even though the diagnosis will be similar.

Two individuals who may have the same diagnosis of depression or alcohol addiction will respond differently to the same treatment. One individual may show favorable signs of treatment success while the other may present with more side effects and adverse reactions.

Genetic Differences

All cells in the body are produced by creating an exact copy of a single cell; hence, a cell will produce 2 daughter cells. And the process goes on. During the process of cellular division, the instructions for producing new cells are transmitted to each daughter cell through the genetic material found in the chromosomes of the nucleus. These genes, composed of amino acids, carry instruction on how to the body is going to be built. This includes the way in which the body absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and eliminates pharmacologic agents as well as any other substance. In a way, genes are what provides directions for the body to create a fully functional enzymatic system.

For example, many painkillers require a certain type of enzyme known as CYP2D6. Individuals who may not have the correct genetic instructions for the creation or ensure the normal functioning of a CYP2D6 enzyme system may have problems obtaining therapeutic outcomes from these painkiller medications.

GenesThe implications are profound. According to experts, close to $300 billion is wasted every single year because of medications that simply are not effective among individuals who may carry a certain gene that alters the synthesis and development of metabolic pathways. If genetic testing can be performed before the initiation of medication treatment protocols, the savings will be tremendous, therapeutic patient outcomes will be achieved, and overall medication safety profile can be significantly improved

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Given that the goal of pharmacogenetics is in the determination of the most appropriate and highly effective treatment modality for a particular individual, it is therefore crucial that testing be performed. This can be best achieved when all individuals who seek treatment and who may require the administration of medications are subjected to comprehensive pharmacogenetic testing.

genetic testingMore than a thousand genetic tests are currently available with many more on the way. Each of the tests are designed specifically to ascertain the presence of specific genetic markers which can play a role in the biosynthesis of pharmacologic agents. Typically, however, these tests are classified into molecular, chromosomal, and biochemical genetic tests. Molecular genetic tests focus on a single gene or short genetic strands. Chromosomal genetic tests focus on entire chromosomes while biochemical genetic tests are focused more on protein biochemical activities, particularly its component amino acids. All tests are designed to determine the presence of markers that can point to a possible dysfunction or problem in any of the body’s major organ systems.

The acquisition of tissue samples for pharmacogenetic testing is relatively easy. A cotton-tipped applicator swab is gently scraped off the inside surface of the cheeks. This is then sent to the laboratory where the actual pharmacogenetic testing can be performed.

Pharmacogenetic Testing is Voluntary

It should be understood that pharmacogenetic testing is absolutely voluntary and no one from Sprout Health Group will coerce you into subjecting yourself for pharmacogenetic testing. Upon admission at Sprout Health Group, a physician will perform a comprehensive assessment of your condition including medical evaluation, psychiatric evaluation, and cognitive testing. He will also discuss with you pharmacogenetic testing, what it is, its effects, benefits, and anything else you have to know in order to make a decision. This is the basis of your informed consent. When you have understood everything about the procedure and have agreed for its implementation, then you will affix your signature onto the informed consent form. If you don’t want to undergo the pharmacogenetic testing, then there is no need to sign the consent.

Your decision will either allow our clinicians to obtain samples from you and have them pharmacogenetically tested or prevent them from doing so. What you will have to understand is that it is your decision and that Sprout Health Group will always respect and stand by your decision.

Pharmacogenetic Testing with Sprout

By understanding the basic composition of how the different cells in the body behave, our teams of specialists at Sprout Health Group will be able to identify the most appropriate treatment that is guaranteed to be highly effective and very safe. This can greatly improve the chances of recovery success while at the same time minimizing the effects of treatment wastage. To do so, individuals have to give us permission so we can obtain tissue samples for testing.

Sprout Health Group believes that a person’s unique individuality is more than just skin-deep or a matter of differences in personality.

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