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Drug or Alcohol Assessment

A Drug or Alcohol Assessment is the First Step on the Road to Recovery

At Sprout Health Group, we pay a lot of attention to detail during this stage. The information that we gather will be critical to the treatment program that we design for an individual. As such, we have a number of evaluation tools and information sources that we can tap into.

When a person is challenged with drug or alcohol addiction, their world, along with everyone connected to them, can be turned inside out. This is the time when an assessment of that person’s condition becomes critical. If the problems goes unchecked, families can be torn apart, jobs lost, and relationships destroyed beyond repair.

The same assessment procedures and tools we use work equally well for adolescents and teens as they do for adults. Treatments for teens fall under several categories:

  • Teen drug rehab
  • Rehab for young adults
  • Rehab programs for young adults
  • Teen drug treatment

Working with Your Family

AssessmentYour family can be one the strongest sources to help in your recovery. They can share a wealth of information that can help us assess what you may be dealing with. We are caring, and non-pushy. Our intent is not simply to barge into your life, but to work with those who love you and are hoping for you to get well. They can help provide details about your past, upbringing, social life, professional life, and even your background as a youth. It all matters, and the information gained can often be the key toward providing a solution.

A family member an often see things that an afflicted person cannot. The reason being, if you are already abusing a drug or alcohol, you may be “too close to the forest to see the trees.” It means you are not focused on the little things, which are often indicators that substance abuse is an issue. The truth is, family members can offer support in so many positive ways.

Part of the evaluation process also entails assessing the patient’s medical records. These records can provide crucial information that treatment center staff can use to evaluate treatments.

The entire process is straightforward. You may be asked to fill out a standard questionnaire with questions about your current level of drug or alcohol abuse. You will likely be asked about your health, medical history, present and past behaviors, and medication side-effects, and what affects drug addiction may be having on your life. This is to get you to open up and to create a dialogue that can help your treatment center determine the best path for recovery.

The treatments offered at Sprout Health Group are designed to include your family and those who may be closest to you. Of course, our treatments are given in total confidentiality. Detox, partial hospitalization, or an intensive outpatient program can be applied. Our outpatient programs can help you recover while getting on with your life. We can design the outpatient program around treatments that will allow you to get on with the aspects of leading a normal life.

Maintaining Sobriety

This is often the result of removing yourself from old friends and habits that supported your drinking or drug use. Avoid clubs or bars where substance abuse might be prevalent. Above all, be honest to yourself. There are too many “triggers” in such places that can pull you back into old habits and ways.

Building a New Life

Creating a new life is a critical part of a process for anyone looking to move forward. Get involved in activities that will validate good feelings and make your feel good about yourself. Volunteer within your community, or take up a new hobby. Exercise daily and keep a close eye on your health. After all, the better you feel about yourself, the better others will feel about you as well.

  • Know what is important in life. The happiest people know what they value, and they acknowledge that value in their lives. It could be increased family time, playing an instrument, golf, or reading more often.
  • Discover and pursue your passion. Having a passion is everything. It means you will likely awake to an agenda and follow it throughout the day. Perhaps giving back to the world in some way is your passion. Working on your passion may eventually allow you to make money from it.
  • Discovering your passion may also help you discover your life’s purpose. Wake up each day with purpose and you will find that your self-esteem soars. Many addiction problems arise because of a lack of self-esteem. If you gave yourself an amazing reason to give each day your all, what would you do? What cause would you support?

Any treatment should be thorough, from the initial assessment and treatment, to outpatient and follow-up programs. For the recovering individual, there is a lesson in life to be learned: always have something meaningful to do. Life is short, and we should all make the most of it in every possible way. You will love yourself, and friends and family will love you as well.

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