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Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Understanding the effects of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse almost always start with curiosity, with experimentation, especially among the young members of the population. For some, the substance abuse can be the result of chronic use of prescription medications that are designed for some therapeutic benefit but, unfortunately, have learned to derive other benefits from it.

Abuse or Addiction?

substance abuseWhile the two concepts are almost always used interchangeably, it is important to note the difference between substance abuse and substance addiction. Substance abuse is a kind of behavior that is best described as the use of substances or chemicals that are way beyond the indicated purpose of the substance. That is why it is considered an abuse simply because the substance is being used outside or well beyond its intended use. Now, substance abuse may or may not lead to substance addiction. However, substance addiction will always start with substance abuse where tolerance and dependence become the hallmarks of the addiction.

This is crucial to understand as not all who abuse substances end up getting addicted to it. However, since it is generally a problem with behavior which is directly related to maladaptive thoughts, these individuals will require the same professional help that is also provided to people with substance addictions.

Manifestations of Substance Abuse

The Mayo Clinic said that it is quite easy to spot a person with substance abuse issues. While there are plenty of manifestations that can point to the possibility of substance abuse, the following 4 signs and symptoms are considered to be universal for individuals with substance abuse.

  • Decreased level of motivation or general lack of energy
  • Problems or issues with attendance at work or in school
  • Being secretive all of a sudden which can include isolating oneself and avoiding social contacts
  • Sufficiently increased spending on a particular substance without any valid reasons for doing so

Common Abused Substances

Almost all substances can be abused but only several are considered to be psychoactive enough to produce substance addiction. It should be noted that substance abuse may or may not lead to addiction. However, if psychoactive substances are involved, then there is a much greater likelihood of developing substance addictions.

Here are some of the most common substances that are commonly abused today.

Prescription Analgesics

44 Americans die every day because of prescription opioid analgesic overdose. These are readily available with prescription especially those who have a legitimate and medical need for them. Unfortunately, some members of the family may use them not for their therapeutic purposes but because of the instant high that they get. However, this is often followed by its CNS depressant effects as well as very strong addicting effects.


Examples of these substances include cocaine, methamphetamine, and the prescription drugs Ritalin and Adderall. The psychological dependence on these substances is often a major challenge to treatment professionals.


These substances are often found in prescription medications designed to manage anxiety, insomnia, and even seizures. Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substance that is also considered as a depressant. Marijuana also has the same effect.

Club Drugs

Cocaine GHB, ketamine, ecstasy, and LSD are all examples of club drugs that are abused for their psychedelic or euphoric effects.


One of the most potent opioid, heroin can severely depress the respiratory center in the brain leading to problems in breathing. It can also produce seizures which can affect the delivery of oxygen to the brain leading to coma and death.

Other Substances

Other substances that are abused today include, hallucinogens bath salts, steroids, inhalants, salvia, and even spice. These substances have a variety of effects on the body.

Management of Substance Abuse

Sprout Health Group provides a comprehensive approach to treatment and rehabilitation of the individual suffering from substance abuse. This is to help ensure that whatever cravings or withdrawal symptoms he may experience during the removal of the substance will be adequately managed. Physical, nutritional, and psychological support will be provided. Because substance abuse is strongly related to one’s maladaptive thoughts, our team of licensed professionals will help you examine these thoughts closely using a variety of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy regimens. At the same time, our qualified therapists will help you learn and develop better and much-improved skills at managing these conditions.

Sprout Health Group is dedicated to the treatment of substance abuse through the implementation of highly innovative and customized treatment plans that are based on best practice guidelines and protocols. We understand how substance abuse can literally change someone’s life as not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and socially as well. Our residential and intensive outpatient programs are guaranteed to provide each client with the kind of treatment that they truly need in a homey, comfortable, yet truly luxurious setting.

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