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What Is Rehab?

The road to addiction recovery..

The road to addiction recovery need not take on a solitary form. Sprout Health Group provides excellent rehabilitation services that starts with detoxification, innovative treatment programs, and equally supportive aftercare. It is this comprehensive approach to rehabilitation that makes Sprout Health Group one of the best providers of rehab services.

REHABRecovering from substance abuse and addiction requires an ever-mindful lifestyle. This means that you will have to manage the many temptations around you including those in your neighborhood and those posed by friends  in your social circle. You will have to find the courage to manage these temptations so that you won’t fall into the trap of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Additionally, you will have to be very mindful of the withdrawal symptoms that you will have to go through. Because your body has already grown accustomed to the presence of these substances, not having or consuming these substances can lead to acute withdrawal symptoms that will test an individual’s mental fortitude, and could cause them to relapse. Addiction can push an individual to isolate themselves from their loved ones. Addiction can also make an individual feel as if they will be looked down upon by your peers and progressively shunned by others.

At Sprout Health Group we have licensed and highly dedicated professionals who will help you in every step of the way. We are extremely concerned about your efforts to overcome your substance abuse and addiction issues. With Sprout, you are not alone. Our substance abuse and addiction treatment  programs are designed to assist you through the different steps of recovery.

More About Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation, or rehab, almost always refers to a residential rehabilitation program, designed to enable an individual to heal and recover properly. Simultaneously, individuals learn new ways and skills to manage the triggers of their addictions, in preparation for their return to the outside world. In the medical community, rehabilitation is a phase in healthcare where the individual is returned to their normal functioning state after a health condition. In cases where normalcy is not possible, the individual is then taught to make full use of their remaining faculties in order to remain as productive and as optimally functional as possible.

Sprout Health Group’s residential rehabilitation programs for substance addiction always starts with detoxification, where the clients are assisted and supported both physically and mentally as they go through a transition to living without the addictive substance. For many individuals, this can spell the difference between recovery success and treatment failure. If the withdrawal symptoms are not managed appropriately, there is a great chance the individual might return to using drugs and other illicit substances as a means to evade the uncomfortable and painful manifestations of substance withdrawal. As such, our licensed experts provide natural, nutritional, and psychological support to all individuals undergoing detoxification as a necessary step towards successful rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation, or rehab, almost always refers to a residential rehabilitation program, designed to enable an individual to heal and recover properly. Simultaneously, individuals learn new ways and skills to manage the triggers of their addictions, in preparation for their return to the outside world.

In the main phases of the substance abuse rehabilitation, the individual will be assisted in examining the triggers that contribute to their addiction. Well-trained and duly-certified therapists will assist the individual in undergoing a series of therapeutic regimens that are anchored on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These are geared towards helping the individuals understand their thoughts and behaviors as the source of their addictions. The individual is then assisted into making a conscious effort at correcting these thoughts and behaviors in order to elicit a particular response. Along with having their existing skills enhanced, these individuals are also taught new skills. All of this is done in order to help the individual better manage the temptations of the outside world, and to help them prepare to prevent relapse to stay sober and free from substance addiction for the remainder of their life.

Rehabilitation services can be provided in any setting. However, studies have shown that clients in residential inpatient rehabilitation facilities are more likely to complete their treatment and rehabilitation programs than other rehab settings. This is because, residential rehab facilities provide a more comfortable and less threatening environment where clients are able to interact with other afflicted with the same issues. It’s in this bond that is eventually shared between these individuals that provides the impetus complete the program. Everyone is relying on one another to help them get through their recovery. Furthermore, residential rehab facilities provide round-the-clock support services that can include psychological and emotional counseling. This provides individuals the opportunity to freely talk about what is bothering them, with  any of our licensed and duly-certified counselors and therapists.

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