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Sprout provides invaluable support and life-inspiring hope to the individual client as he makes his journey towards addiction recovery.

There are many ways in which a person can recover from substance addiction. Often depending on the type of the addiction, the history of substance abuse, and any underlying medical or psychiatric conditions, individuals with substance addictions can find treatment and rehabilitation in a variety of facilities. However, studies provide voluminous proof that residential rehab treatment facilities offer the best chances of success for individuals suffering from chemical dependence with or without concurrent or co-occurring conditions, especially mental or behavioral issues. Sprout Health Group understands the value of residential rehab treatment facilities.

rehab centerThere are three main issues that must be addressed by individuals with chemical dependence issues. First, they need to minimize or effectively limit their exposure to addicting substances. They need to be free from the constant temptations in their surroundings to use drugs, illicit substances, and even alcohol. Residential rehab treatment facilities effectively block these temptations and other triggers from exerting their effects on the individual. The individual is effectively shielded from these sources of illicit drugs and alcohol so that the individual can stay focus on removing these substances from their body and life.

As the individual does not consume the addicting substance in an effort to cleanse their system, they will undergo a series of very uncomfortable and often painful withdrawals. Depending on the type of the drug or substance the individual is addicted to, these symptoms can be minor, ranging from nausea and vomiting to headaches, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and agitation. Some residential rehab treatment centers that have detoxification services can effectively manage these clinical manifestations. Through the provision of medically-assisted detoxification as well as the provision of adequate and appropriate nutrition, the individual is assisted into making the successful transition into their rehabilitation. Residential rehab centers with detox treatments make sure that individuals undergoing detoxification will be able to complete their treatments safely so that they can proceed with the actual treatment and rehabilitation process itself.

Individuals require a highly individualized treatment plans that take into consideration the individuals unique characteristics, condition, and needs. The treatment program is designed in such a way to enable to individual to function optimally upon his return to the real world. The essence of substance addiction treatment and rehabilitation is in the development of healthier and more positively adaptive thoughts and behaviors. Sprout Health Group provides unique yet completely evidence-based clinical practices that are geared to help the individual realize maladaptive patterns of thought and behavior and constructively shape them into healthier, more meaningful, and more positive cognitive processes and actions.

Sprout Health Group provides residential rehab treatment services that are based on current, best, clinical practices. Coupled with a dedicated team of professionals in a very therapeutic environment, our residential rehab program provides individuals with the best chance of regaining full control of their lives.

The importance of Residential Rehab Treatment

A very important component of the addiction treatment and rehabilitation is the replacement of unhealthy or maladaptive coping mechanisms with healthier ones. This helps the individual to manage any kind of stressful event in their life in a more constructive, desirable, and more positive manner. They will learn to cope with life’s stresses without necessarily resorting to illicit substances including drugs and alcohol. They also learn that they may already have the correct tools at their disposal, which can be effective in maintaining a state of sobriety. They will just need support and reinforcement of these coping mechanisms.

Of equal importance is the environment upon which the treatment is carried out. Sprout’s residential rehab treatment are implemented in a comfortable and luxurious setting designed for optimum comfort and convenience. This allows the individuals to have a more relaxed mind which should help in allowing them to reflect on life. All treatments are carried out in a non-threatening and non-judgmental way. There are no intimidating rules and regulations as well as physical fixtures that can overwhelm the individual’s sense of freedom and personhood. This is very crucial in establishing a therapeutic environment that is based on trust and respect for one another.

Residential rehab treatment facilities provide round-the-clock support for all clients. Individual psychological counseling is provided in addition to the administration of medications, as needed, and nutritional support. Therapists and counselors work round-the-clock to provide emotional and psychological support to clients as no two persons will verbalize their thoughts at the same time. Complementary therapies such as outdoor therapy, mind-body therapies, relaxation therapies, and neurofeedback can provide additional benefits to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which remains the cornerstone of therapy in the Sprout Health group. Families are also strongly encouraged to participate in the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals. Group therapy sessions build on the benefits of individual counseling sessions by providing an avenue for the sharing of life experiences.

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