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Looking for the best drug rehab and treatment center can be daunting. There are simply a lot of questions that you have to ask before you can even start to choose. However, the following 10 parameters will help you clearly identify which drug rehab center is best for you.

Professional Accreditation

A fully-accredited and duly-licensed drug rehab facility already answers the basic questions about quality services, excellent management, and topnotch professionals. This is especially true if the facility holds the Golden Seal of Excellence by the Joint Commission International. If the facility does not have a JCI accreditation, then at the very least it must have certification coming from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers or the Association of Intervention Specialists.

Professional Competencies of Staff

Depending on the nature of the drug rehab center, they may have medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other additional treatment professionals. It is imperative to look at their credentials, especially their professional licenses. It may also be wise to look for the staff’s membership to the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors.

Types of Therapeutic Modalities

The best drug rehab center is one that can create highly individualized treatment programs. The treatment modalities can be provided in different levels of care but are, nevertheless, geared towards helping the individual live a more balanced and healthier life. Studies show that a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and other complementary therapies will result in greater chances of success for the recovering individual. Sprout Health Group relies heavily on cognitive behavioral therapies as well as experiential therapies, in order to assist the individual in processing happier and healthier thought and behavior patterns. Individual counseling and group therapy remain essential in the treatment of addictions and any co-occurring condition.

Availability of Support Groups

The role of social support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous or any other 12-step program has been proven to be important in helping individuals lead a better life. For individuals who don’t like the idea of integrating spirituality or morality in addiction treatment, Self-Management and Recovery Training program can be an excellent alternative. The drug rehab center must provide access to these support groups.

Integration of Other Services

A drug rehab center that provides a comprehensive and naturally-assisted detoxification program will be a lot better than one that will require an individual to get detox from one facility and treatment from another center. Furthermore, if the facility can already manage other co-occurring medical conditions such as heart conditions and diabetes, then this will prove to be highly advantageous. The best drug rehab facilities must be able to provide a variety of services according to the levels of care, namely: outpatient, partial hospitalization, residential, and inpatient services.


It does not really matter whether the drug rehab facility is near your home or not. What matters more is the comprehensiveness of their treatment programs, as well as the amenities of the facilities that they provide. If you want to be in close contact with your family, choosing a facility near you will be a good option. However, there are individuals who would like to remain anonymous, as such, would prefer rehab centers that are found farther away from their homes.

Cost Considerations

Drug treatment and rehabilitation is not cheap. Therefore, it’s very important to choose a facility that accepts most health insurance plans. If the facility can provide alternative financing methods such as cost deferment programs and scholarships, then the situation is a lot better than that of dealing with a facility that is quite stringent when it comes to money matters.

Level of Family Involvement in Programs

Upon completion of your treatment program, you are still expected to return to your family. As such, a program that actively involves the family in the treatment of the individual is deemed to be more effective in helping ensure success in the recovery of the individual. Furthermore, the addiction can adversely affect individual family members causing them to also require professional help and support.

Availability of Aftercare and Continuing Care Programs

A successful drug rehab program is one that does not only take care of the individual while they are in the treatment program. A good rehab center is one that prepares the individual for their eventual return to the community. They need to be given all the resources available for continued support outside the treatment program. This is to make sure that the individual will stay addiction-free for as long as they live.

Restrictions and/or Limitations

Different rehab centers have different rules. For example, there are those that cater only to specific genders or certain segments of the population. Some rehab centers might also exclude certain health conditions that they are not equipped to handle. Certain behaviors may not be tolerated by facilities, not necessarily because they consider such behaviors as bad, but rather as a matter of respect to other clients who are also being treated in the facility. It is therefore, important to clarify these restrictions with the facility’s addiction advisers.

Sprout Health Group provides highly individualized treatment plans that are meticulously implemented by duly-licensed and fully-competent addiction treatment and rehabilitation professionals. Our therapeutic modalities are complemented with evidence-based experiential treatment programs, in a therapeutic environment that fosters trust and respect for one another. Sprout provides flexible financing schemes across the different treatment programs, in varying levels of care, to suit the needs of every individual client who really needs help in reestablishing control of his life.

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