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Studies show that there are more men who abuse and get addicted to alcohol and illicit substances compared to women. In fact, in 2011 alone, the Treatment Episode Data Set generated a report submitted to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration that close to 67 percent of the 1.84 million substance abuse treatment admissions all over the United States were males.

Men and Substance Abuse

rehab for menSocietal norms play a significant role in the development of gender stereotypes. Men are expected to be the breadwinner of the family and as such are depicted to be out in the world making a living. Unfortunately, this exposes them to a lot of environmental and societal factors that they may not be prepared to handle emotionally or psychologically.

Men can meet other individuals in the workplace who may have shady backgrounds. They may encounter other individuals who may have other ulterior motives. The mere fact that men are out in the open and away from the relative safety and comfort of their homes makes them particularly vulnerable to temptations. Men are also expected to project an image of machismo, strength, and a never-say-never attitude. However, this sense or image of masculinity is what drives them to do risky behaviors. For example, in order to be considered a man, he must be able to drink a particular alcoholic beverage which can be sometimes laced with drugs in an attempt to show solidarity with the group and to prove, once and for all, that he is indeed a man.

Men are also not expected to show their emotions. Unfortunately, they are humans as well, and they too have feelings. However, society frowns on a man who openly verbalizes his feelings or even is not ashamed of crying in public. For much of society, a man who shows his emotions is not a man at all. Since they cannot verbalize their feelings and there clearly is no way for them to manage their feelings, they resort to drugs and other addicting substances including alcohol. This helps them mask their frustrations. Since society believes that men are natural risk-takers, using drugs is being inculcated in the minds of these men as acceptable.

Societal expectations and gender roles are not the only factors that contribute to substance addiction among men. Their anatomy and physiology also play an important role. The metabolic rates of men are much faster compared to women. This means that they can consume significantly greater amounts of addicting substances at sufficiently greater frequencies in order to achieve the same effect as those found among women. The greater proportion of lean muscle mass in relation to body fat has something to do with this as some substances are known to be stored in fatty adipose tissues. This allows the individual to still have some of the addicting substance even if it has already been many hours since the last consumption. Muscles, unfortunately, do not store these substances. So, in order for the individual to get sufficient effects, he needs to consume the substance at greater frequencies.

While we don’t actually have gender-specific treatment programs, we do utilize highly-customized or individualized treatment programs that take into consideration everything in the client’s life.

Rehab Treatment for Men, the Sprout Way

While we don’t actually have gender-specific treatment programs, we do utilize highly-customized or individualized treatment programs that take into consideration everything in the client’s life. Our comprehensive assessment will examine all possible health problems including the possibility of co-occurring conditions. If needed, our team of professionals will recommend the implementation of several diagnostic tests to help in the design and development of a very comprehensive, all-encompassing, and highly-individualized treatment plan.


Supportive detoxification will also be carried out, while simultaneously providing the individual with the much needed psychosocial support. We recognize the fact that men may not be very cooperative or even verbal when it comes to acknowledging their inner thoughts and feelings. We understand that it may take a long while before they finally open up. This is why our team of licensed therapists and counselors are always on standby to provide support whenever needed. All treatment protocols are carried out in a non-condescending manner which helps facilitate verbalization of thoughts and emotions.

Complementary treatment programs for men undergoing substance addiction rehabilitation may take the form of equine therapy as well as outdoor therapy where they can explore their feelings a lot better. Together with individualized counseling sessions, male patients will also have the chance to share their experiences with fellow patients. This helps create a strong bond among individuals, helping them to realize that it is okay to be attuned with one’s thoughts and feelings.

Men with addiction or underlying mental health problem should not face their issues alone. Sprout Health Group’s facilities and treatment programs are more than capable of providing you the recovery that you seek. All you need is to make that one fateful step of getting in touch with us and we will be your partner on your journey to recovery.

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