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Disabilities And Rehab

A Look at Learning Disabilities

Individuals with learning disabilities have to contend with a lot of things. Aside from the social stigma that they experience, the pressures and rigors of academic life can significantly contribute to the individual’s decision to resort to using illicit substances. They turn to the mind-numbing effects of certain substances in order to shield them from the demeaning behavior of society itself as well as make them a lot more competitive in their academic endeavors.

learning disability Learning disabilities can adversely affect one’s ability to think and process the information that is sent to the brain through the various senses such as sight, smell, touch, taste, and audition. Unfortunately, because of a problem in the way the brain processes information, they may also have problems in the expression of the cognitive processes. They may have problems with speech as well as other motor effects that are the result of cognitive or learning processes. Reading and writing, as well as speaking, will be very challenging to these individuals, making it doubly difficult for them to learn new things, build emotionally- and socially- satisfying interpersonal relationships, and find more meaningful employment opportunities.

According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, more than 2 million American students or roughly 41 percent of all students are suffering from learning disabilities of varying forms.

Learning Disability and Substance Abuse

Individuals with learning disabilities are constantly under pressure to perform well according to established norms. When they under-perform they are subjected to bullying as well as other forms of condescending behavior. These individuals often have very low self-esteem, confidence issues, and a severely distorted sense of self-worth. This makes them especially vulnerable to substance abuse especially with substances that are designed to make the individuals feel great about themselves again.

Children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are also vulnerable to the development of substance abuse. While ADHD is not necessarily a learning disability, one of ADHD’s identifying characteristics is the inability of the individual to learn concepts appropriate for their developmental age because of the inability to focus on specific tasks, disorganized thoughts, and impulsivity. They get easily distracted and will often find following rules and instructions particularly difficult. They may also forget daily activities and will have difficulty keeping with their appointments. All of these can lead to problems that are often associated with learning disabilities.

While ADHD itself does not lead to substance abuse, the treatments used in ADHD may have the potential for psychoactive dependence. Ritalin, Concerta, and Adderall are 3 of the most common drugs used to manage ADHD. Unfortunately, these drugs are classified as Schedule II controlled substances. Taking these substances in childhood and continuing them well into adolescence can significantly increase the chances of stimulant substance abuse in adulthood.

Treatment with Sprout Health Group

We do not treat learning disabilities. However, this does not mean that we are going to turn our backs on an individual who really needs help. When the substance abuse issue is compounded by learning disabilities or when the learning disability has led to the use of illicit substances, individuals and their respective families can count on Sprout Health Group to provide the best treatment possible. Sprout Health Group provides therapeutic modalities that are based on the best clinical practices. These are the result of many studies that take into consideration what really works for different kinds of individuals presenting with different kinds of problems.

adhd treatmentSprout Health Group takes pride in our team of licensed therapists and duly-certified professionals who can manage dual diagnosis – the presence of medical or mental and behavioral problems in addition to the substance use disorder. We provide treatments that are geared towards helping the individual find more meaning in their life so that he will not necessarily have to resort to illicit substances just to feel good. With Sprout’s dedicated therapists, we assist the individual develop healthier self-esteem, improved self-confidence, and enhanced sense of self-worth.

We provide the treatments in a nonjudgmental environment where the thoughts and behavior of the individual is highly valued. We foster a sense of acceptance for the individual’s unique qualities and characteristics as a person. Our treatments are highly customized and heavily based on our comprehensive assessment of the individual’s condition. If the individual is struggling with a learning disability then our licensed therapists can design specific programs that will help address this need. This is in addition to the other treatment programs we provide our clients to make sure that they get the best and highest quality healthcare services available.

At Sprout Health Group, your recovery is our ultimate goal. Be it substance addiction,  mental illness, or learning disabilities, you can count on us to provide you with only the best treatment possible.

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