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How Substance Abuse and Addiction affects public figures

Substance addiction and mental health illnesses do not choose who to afflict. Being a celebrity does not mean that they already have a cloak with which to shield themselves from the dangers of substance abuse and mental health illnesses or even co-occurring conditions. On the contrary, being celebrities and public figures, they are more vulnerable to such conditions as the stresses of everyday life and the overwhelming need to project a certain image to the public can definitely drain their psychological and emotional resources that will lead them to use and abuse drugs.

Celebrities and Addictions

rehab billboardIt is not uncommon to see celebrities at the center of a DUI or even a drug charge controversy. While some celebrities are courageous enough to admit their addictions, with some even going to the extent of admitting themselves voluntarily for addiction treatment and rehabilitation, many other celebrities choose to stay behind the safety of their own private homes. The risk of tarnishing one’s image is simply too great that many simply choose to detoxify and undergo rehabilitation themselves.

One of the major issues why celebrities are particularly vulnerable to substance abuse or even mental health problems is because of the unusually stressful lifestyle of being a celebrity. Many have to project a certain kind of image that they would like their fans to associate them with. Unfortunately, this may not actually reflect who they are as real people. In fact, many celebrities want to lead normal lives as well, be able to go where normal people go, and do the things that normal people will do. However, their celebrity status has somehow created a line between normal life and the life of a famous person where every move is a calculated risk.

For the average individual this can be very stressful. In fact, many psychiatric mental health experts agree that over time, it is possible that the individual will have to develop another personality with which to run to during times of intense emotional distress. They simply need something to protect them because celebrities are no more human than ordinary individuals in this world.

When the stresses and expectations of the adoring public simply is too much, some celebrities may resort to substances, either drugs or alcohol, or even both. In most instances, they see drug use and alcoholism as necessary in order for them to keep up with the rigors of stardom. Young celebrities are particularly vulnerable. Instead of enjoying the pleasures of childhood, they are already being subjected to the same stressful work environments as adult actors and actresses. For a child who barely has the emotional capability to manage stresses on his own, it is not uncommon to see them using drugs or alcohol.

Challenges to Celebrity Rehabilitation

Some of the major issues that celebrities seeking treatment and rehabilitation for include, time, commitment, and privacy. With their very busy schedules, seeking treatment will mean they have to give up on some of their projects. For a celebrity whose career is just starting to rise, this might spell the end of it. Getting celebrities to commit to a treatment and rehabilitation program is also a major issue. This is particularly true when it comes to celebrities who may have multiple projects down the line. Again, the bottom line is in how much the celebrity is willing to sacrifice in order to be treated. Being out of the limelight will definitely hurt their career.

Perhaps one of the major issues that many celebrities want answered is their privacy. As much as possible they would like to be treated anonymously. They don’t want the public to know that they are seeking professional help for their addiction or mental health problems. This is very important in keeping a more positive image of the celebrity in the eyes of the public.

Sprout and Celebrity Rehab

Sprout Health Group understands the predicament of celebrities. Our team of dedicated and duly-licensed professionals are well-versed with the need of clients for absolute privacy. All pertinent information is safeguarded and no piece of information can be divulged to anyone without the expressed written consent of our clients.

Additionally, our treatment facilities are designed in such a way that provides optimum, luxurious, comfort so that all of our clients – celebrities or not – will be able to stay focused on their treatment goals. Each client is assigned a case manager who will work closely with the treatment team in the implementation of evidence-based treatment.

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