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Addiction can hit anyone and everyone. Teenagers are particularly vulnerable because they are at a critical point in their lives when their bodies are trying to adjust to those of adult proportions. In the meantime, they are also struggling with the establishment of their very own identity. They want to be considered as adults while learning responsibilities and accountability. They cannot make very rational decisions as their brains are not yet fully mature by this time. Their lives are marked by constant struggles of trying to fit in, to conform, and to define an identity of their own.

Adolescents and Addictions

adolesenceAdolescents are considered as particularly vulnerable to making irrational decisions. Child psychologists explain that adolescents are desperately struggling for independence and freedom as well as the recognition that they are no longer children and should already be considered members of the adult population. However, they generally dislike the idea of adult responsibility and accountability such that they are now trapped in front of a chiasmus unable to make a decision on whether they should still be considered as grown-up children or immature adults.

Experts believes this indecisiveness has something to do with the way the human frontal cortex develops. This part of the brain governs rational responses, critical thinking processes, and problem-solving as well as decision-making skills. Unfortunately, science reveals that this will not reach full maturity until the 25th year of life. This greatly robs adolescents under the age of 20 the capacity to make rational choices and sound decisions. Additionally, since they have barely completed 2 decades of their lives, their coping mechanisms may not be that extensive so as to produce a ready arsenal with which to manage stressful events.

Bodily changes in the form of development of secondary sex characteristics can also play a major role in the development of addictions. The development of secondary sex characteristics are governed by a variety of hormones as well as other substances which might have a significant impact on the availability of emotional reserves. When these adaptive coping mechanisms are eventually depleted because of these physiologic changes, the teenager will have to find of additional ways to feel a lot better. Unfortunately, social relationships at this stage are not necessarily based on merit but rather on conformity to group norms. Peer pressure is a well-documented phenomenon among teenagers. Sadly, when the peer group just happens to espouse a wrong set of ideals, then the problem can escalate further.

Sprout Health Group prides itself on offering innovative treatment programs that are largely based on the current, best, clinical practices. We have chosen these treatments as they provide the best outcomes for our clients regardless of their age, their gender, or even their socioeconomic status. For us at Sprout Health Group, nothing is better than seeing our clients leave our facilities full of hope that life will be much brighter this time around. And when they do return to share their success stories of their new life, we know we have come full circle.

Addiction Treatment for Adolescents, the Sprout Way

Sprout Health Group treats addiction among adolescents in pretty much the same way as we would any other client. However, because the teenager has not developed the necessary adaptive mechanisms yet to realize the ramifications of their thoughts and actions, our treatment professionals and counselors will devise a treatment program just for the teenager. The goal is to help the adolescents realize that they are still in the process of developing their own unique personality. However, Sprout Health Group also recognizes the fact that many adolescents will be naturally combative or defensive. These are normal responses and our therapists and counselors will never look at these as personal attacks against their personhood.


One very crucial element to the management of adolescent addiction is family therapy. We strongly encourage the active involvement of the adolescent’s family especially in his treatment and in ensuring a healthier and more supportive family environment for him. Recognizing that some adolescents may naturally resent their families for what has befallen them, it is important for our counselors and therapists to facilitate open discussion among family members, so that any problems or issues in the family can be addressed. Our goal is to strengthen the family relationship so that the adolescent will not feel alienated because of their condition. Furthermore, including the family in the treatment help foster understanding of the addiction to enable them to better care for their loved one.

Caring for an adolescent substance abuser requires understanding of the unique characteristics of adolescents. All of our treatment professionals are fully-licensed to care for the specific developmental needs of adolescents from 12 to 20. Each of these adolescents often present with an entirely different case, so we make sure that our therapists will individualize their plan of care.

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