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Helping individuals detox from a variety of drugs, as well as alcohol

The goal of our in-depth process is to help cure the individual and get them to make long term goals, that they will eventually achieve.

shutterstock_360116984Sprout Health Group’s rehab facilities are the greatest facilities to help you earn your life back. Filled with supportive and knowledgeable staff, we offer a multitude of resources to aid you in recovery. But more than that, we offer you our dedication. In such, we ask for dedication from our participants. Contrary to many stereotypes, and due to the fact that rehab only works if participants want to it to work, our facilities are open and we allow participants to leave if they choose.

We will always advise against early departure, because we care for your health and safety, but we will not force an unwilling participant to stay. Our facilities host a non-judgmental environment where the focus is safely getting patients healthy. The process begins with assessment and detoxification (detox). We are equipped to help individuals detox from a variety of drugs, as well as alcohol.

After being able to safely remove abused substances from the body, we help individuals uncover underlying issues that influence their addiction and help them condition healthy responses to these issues, before reintroducing them into society. Along with uncovering the many contributing attributes to an individual’s drug abuse, our assessments allow us to determine if any medication is needed for detox, and if there may be any underlying mental issues involved.

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Subacute Rehab

Subacute Rehab Is Less Intensive but Highly Effective

October 28th, 2016

For patients recovering from an addiction, there is a distinction to be made between subacute rehab and acute rehab. Sub acute rehab is less intensive but highly effective. Patients in subacute are required to receive only several hours of daily therapy. They can expect excellent support for needed medications and […] Read more..

Alcohol Detox

What You Should Expect from a Comprehensive Alcohol Detox

October 25th, 2016

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The Nuances of a Natural Detox

October 18th, 2016

There are few things in life that are more difficult and challenging to overcome than a drug addiction. This applies to alcohol as well. Withdrawal symptoms can cause dangerous complications if not supervised in a safe, clinical setting. Withdrawal requires a certain amount of inner strength. It also requires the […] Read more..

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Treatment for Drug Addiction Provides a Life Saving Solution

October 14th, 2016

When people struggle with a drug addiction, regaining sobriety may seem like a distant or impossible dream. The truth is recovery is never far away or out of reach. It does not matter how hopeless a person believes their situation to be. Change is possible when a person receives comprehensive […] Read more..

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