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Opioid addiction can be a tough addition to break. Addiction has a subtle way of creeping up on people. Before they know it, they are dependent on painkillers to get them through the day and night. However, the addiction should not be looked upon as a mental weakness. It is looked upon in the medical community as a chronic medical condition, that results from brain chemistry changes. When addiction sets in, detox and escaping it is a long-term treatment process.

Freedom Requires More Than Will Power

Unfortunately, will power alone is not strong enough to break the grip of painkiller addiction. Addiction can tear families apart, place jobs and careers in jeopardy, and turn a person’s social life upside down. It can be a dark road, but there is hope, and help.

Why Do People Become Addicted to Narcotics?

First, narcotics do cause real chemical changes in certain areas of the brain. Then, it becomes a physical actuality. The cravings that a person feels are not just a figment of their imagination. The brain’s circuits responsible for reward and mood behaviors are physically altered.

Physical Dependence and Detoxification

Withdrawal symptoms from long-term prescription drug abuse will actually affect systems in the entire body. When those opioids supplies are cut off, the body immediately goes into a withdrawal phase. Those symptoms include the following:

  • Drug cravings
  • Diarrhea
  • Yawning
  • Large pupils
  • Pain in the abdominal areas
  • Goose bumps and/or chills
  • Aches within the body
  • Severe negative mood swings and feelings of agitation

While these symptoms can be listed, symptoms alone cannot describe the agony that an addicted person must go through. Withdrawal is something that people will do most anything not to experience. The withdrawal can last from several hours to several days. It may even last for several weeks. This will of course depend on how deep of an addiction the person is struggling with.

Withdrawal Phases

The withdrawal is an extremely difficult process for a person to endure. This is why they should be under the care of seasoned professionals experienced with addictions and substance abuse patients. Medications are prescribed to prevent harsh withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. A person has to be eased out of their condition. Your doctor can offer more information about what drugs are used.

Sprout Health Group Treatments

Our painkiller treatment process is centered around the belief that each of our clients deserves the very best in care and support to help beat their addiction. Our teams are skilled, and credentialed. They are highly experienced at what they do. Once we assess a person’s condition and level of addiction to painkillers, we can go to work designing a detox plan that is tailored to the individual. Our goal is always long-term success for each client. It is also a process filled with compassion for those struggling to beat addiction and to get their lives together. As such, we treat clients with the utmost respect.

The Right Attitude

Painkiller AddictionWe inform everyone that treatment works best when an individual admits they have a problem. One can receive the best treatment in the world, but if there is no urge to identify “drivers” that cause addiction in the first place, rehab may, or may not work properly. We also provide great outpatient support to help our clients realize long-term success.

Many patients are able to completely return to the life they experience before addiction took hold and rehab began. That is what we always hope for. Finding purpose is a key element in helping patients return, or even go beyond, what they thought of as a normal life. Recovery takes the desire to build a new life.

If an individual is in a detox program, their painkiller withdrawal treatment will help keep them focused on the things that are important in life. These are elements that can help drive their program to success. The better they feel about themselves, the more control they will have over their lives.

If you or a loved one are abusing painkillers, there is hope. It does not make you or them a bad person. However, the key is to seek help before it gets completely out of line. Remember, painkillers can alter neuro-pathways in your brain. When your addiction gets to that point, it is time for professional help. While help should be sought at early stages, it is not too late.

Partner with our professionals who can assess your condition, and provide programs, from treatment and detox to follow-up. Get the aid that can help you get your life back on track.

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