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Sprout Health Group believes in the value of educating the public especially in differentiating substance abuse from substance addiction. This is very important to create awareness that abuse, when identified early on, can be managed more effectively than if it were left to progress into an addiction. Individuals, their families, as well as any significant other should learn how to differentiate addiction from abuse and how the abuse can inadvertently lead to addiction.

drug addiction treatment

Education is at the heart of addiction treatment, be it in the form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness training, or even experiential therapies. It involves learning something new and discovering things that individuals already know but may have not had the time nor the faculties to really process the whole idea. Education is important in helping individuals learn how to cope with their problems, which may have contributed to the development of their substance abuse and led, ultimately, to addiction. Individuals need to understand that addiction is a disease of the brain and that, like any sick part of the body, the brain cannot be expected to function normally. Addiction has nothing to do with morality or whether one’s beliefs are skewed. Addiction occurs simply because the substances to which the individual has become addicted to, have already rewired the infrastructure of the brain, specifically, in its reward and pleasure center.

Individuals and their families have to learn that taking care of the brain is one of the most effective ways of recovering from addiction. That is why at Sprout Health Group, we have our Brain Wellness Program, which helps individuals to regain full functioning of their cognitive capacities. Combined with our Neurofeedback therapies, as well as mind-body therapies, we are able to help individuals better understand how the brain works and how the different processes of the mind can help them lead a life that is free from addiction.

Individuals with substance addiction problems must be able to learn how to identify their addiction triggers. Through cognitive therapeutic modalities, our licensed therapists and counselors can assist and guide the individual in exploring their thoughts and trying to make sense of these thoughts in a very objective and non-judgmental manner. Our therapists are well-trained and duly-certified to assist individuals sort out their thought processes in an effort to determine maladaptive patterns. Additionally, our Solution Focused Therapy can help individuals examine their coping mechanisms used in the past and identify those that have been working so far, especially in terms of managing the many stresses in their lives. At Sprout Health Group, education can take many forms. Ultimately, drug addiction education is all about learning new skills and re-learning behaviors to make the skills more responsive, more positive, and more meaningful.

drug addictionDrug addiction education starts the moment the individual or a member of his family gets in touch with an addiction treatment adviser. The individual learns about the different treatment programs available including how the treatment will proceed. These help the individual make a better informed decision especially when other factors such as professional staff competence, facilities and amenities, and location are taken into consideration.

Drug addiction treatment always starts with detoxification to help the client remove all of the addictive substances from their body under the direct supervision and management of a licensed healthcare professional. The individual is also taught things, such as how they can go through the different stages of withdrawal in a safe manner.

Treatment can be delivered through a variety of programs often depending on the severity of the client’s addiction. If the addiction is so severe that there is a danger of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, a hospital-based inpatient treatment program is recommended in order to stabilize the individual’s condition and treat or manage any underlying medical condition. If the individuals have a moderate addiction but do not require 24-hour acute medical care, and if they have co-occurring mental health disorders, they may benefit a lot better from a residential inpatient treatment program. If the addiction is not severe and the client is able to exert some form of control over their life, yet they may show signs of psychological or emotional instability, a partial hospitalization program may be recommended. If the client has substance abuse issues that have not yet developed into an addiction, and they still have good command of their life, then an intensive outpatient program is highly recommended.

Drug addiction treatment always start with detoxification to help the client remove all of the addictive substances from their body under the direct supervision and management of a licensed healthcare professional.

In all of these treatment programs the individuals and their families receive drug addiction education. The family has to be included in the education program because, it is they who will be continuing the support needed by their loved one. They need to understand what addiction is, and what it does to the family as a whole.

Sprout Health Group believes in the importance of drug addiction education for individuals and their respective families. Our Psychoeducational groups coupled with our Brain Wellness Program have been instrumental in enhancing the benefits of our therapeutic modalities. The key to fighting drug addiction is in having the correct knowledge regarding what it truly is and how it can be managed.

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