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Difference Between Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism

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Alcohol Abuse is a problem that can affect everyone involved. This includes the afflicted person, friends, family members, and coworkers. As such, it takes a better understanding of what can cause a person to progress into a stage of alcohol abuse.

Q. Are they simply unwilling to get help?

A. Not necessarily. Often, the reason is that alcoholics may not respond very well to advice or suggestions. Those addicted to alcohol are at a stage where they will do anything necessary to find the next drink. This may include telling lies, stealing, or cheating in order to fulfill their cravings. They are sick. They need help, and their lives are controlled by the alcohol.

Q. If the alcoholic is sick, should they simply apply to a hospital for treatment?

A. It depends. At the very early stages of alcoholism, an individual may not recognize they need treatment. Hospitals, in general, may not be set up to treat the problems that cause addiction, or the disease itself. People around an alcoholic, like the afflicted person, can be aware that person needs help, but may not know what course to take. By the time it becomes apparent the alcoholic needs treatment, that person may already have lapsed into a deluded and irrational state of mind.

Q. What causes a person to become an alcoholic?

A. It can a hereditary condition that results from brain chemistry. While it is not a curse, it is a challenge. It is a progressive disease, and without treatment, can only worsen. Forcing a person into a recovery program may not guarantee recovery. Consider those with multiple DUI arrests! They continue to drink even though they know their lives are spiraling out of control. It is also a possibility these people have been through a rehab program before. Obviously, it is easy for them to deny there is a problem.

Q. Is alcoholism a hopeless condition?

A. No, it is not a hopeless condition. However, it takes the right therapy and support programs to help individuals get back on the road to recovery. It takes an understanding that alcoholics are ill, and that they are suffering from an illness they cannot control. It is an addiction, and one that a person can rarely beat on their own volition.

Steps to Treating Alcoholism

Treating AlcoholismThe first step in effective treatment is to identify why the person has become an alcoholic in the first place. That person must truly want to help themselves, and to want to find a solution. Otherwise, the detoxification process will only provide a temporary solution. Denying there is a problem is often the biggest hurdle to getting support, and responding.

The right program will depend on the length of addiction and the severity of the addiction. This is why it takes caring, professional, and effective treatments like those offered at Sprout Health Group. We have years of experience, and are experts in the field of discovery and alcohol abuse treatment. We understand the many causes of alcoholism, and we tailor programs to meet the needs of each individual. No two individuals will ever experience the same path to our front door.

Our Skilled Staff

Our staff members are skilled, experienced, and professional. We work with our clients’, their families, friends, employers, and those close to their life in a discrete and confidential manner. The world does not have to know what an individual is going through. Each staff member has the right credentials and certifications to make an impact in your life.

We also tailor our treatments to help individuals make the connections that will allow them to realize real change in their life. We also offer aftercare programs that can help our clients stay clear of alcohol and avoid relapses. It is tough road, and we are ready and willing to help you navigate the concourse.

Finding the Right Alcoholism Treatment Program

When looking for the right treatment program, you or your family should consider the following when considering alcohol rehab centers:

  • What are the expected results of your treatment program? Knowing what to expect going in can help you work toward specific goals.
  • Does the treatment center possess all the right certifications? Experience matters. Make sure their staff is qualified.
  • Is the program residential, and how long will you be required to stay? Treatment program lengths will vary by agency. Find out upfront.
  • Will the program allow family members of friends to visit? Part of recovery is having positive relationships around that care.
  • How is billing taken care of? Will they take your insurance, or, is financing available?
  • What list of services are included in your alcohol treatment program?
  • What does the follow-up program consist of? There has to be a strong and effective follow-up in place to help the person work toward a full, successful recovery.

Sprout Health Group is dedicated to the treatment of substance abuse through the implementation of highly innovative and customized treatment plans that are based on best practice guidelines and protocols. We understand how substance abuse can literally change someone’s life as not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and socially as well. Our residential and intensive outpatient programs are guaranteed to provide each client with the kind of treatment that they truly need in a comfortable, yet truly luxurious setting.

Question about our services or locations? Reach out to us by calling us 24 hours a day.

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