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Alcoholic Drinking Self Assessment

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Alcohol is everywhere. Whether you think about it or not, you have feelings and a specific behavior toward it. If you are abusing alcohol, you may not be aware of it. Or, you may be aware that you are consuming a lot. That it is all under your control.

The Power of Denial

Denial can be an overwhelming emotion. It is the one thing that can stop anyone from making improvements—with respect to anything. The truth is, when there is an alcohol problem, that person is either on a fast, or slow road to destruction. Make no mistake, it is a road to destruction either way. It destroys lives, relationships, and opportunities. A person, or their loved ones, must take a closer look at alcohol habits. This may be the only way to admit there is a problem of abuse.

Where Treatment Really Begins

Alcoholic Drinking Self AssessmentThe first step in approaching an alcoholism treatment program is when a person identifies, and accepts the symptoms of alcoholism. Once the discovery has been made, the next step is to find that person professional help and support. Otherwise, recovery is nothing more than just a wish. Discovery may also uncover if a person needs help with other disorders that are occurring at the same time as their addiction. Bipolar or depression might be occurring. As such, it would be easy to mask these symptoms if they are being covered up by alcohol.

This is the most critical step toward healing—admitting there is a problem.

You, or a loved one, can ask the following questions. We think you will find your own answers to be quite revealing. Alcohol rehab facilities play an important role.

Discovery Questions

  • Are you drinking to mask a shyness? Some people will drink to gain confidence. Have you heard of “confidence in a bottle?”
  • Are there hidden or pressing financial difficulties present in life? Have you missed any work due to drinking?
  • Has your drinking led to any problems, like fights or excessive arguments?
  • Does drinking help you escape work or social problems?
  • Do you usually find yourself drinking with others, or alone?
  • Are you happy or remorseful after drinking?
  • What time of day do you drink?
  • Has your drinking ever needed to have medical treatment?
  • Have you made promises to others to to stop drinking, but cannot quite find the strength to do it?
  • Do you collect alcohol bottles or aluminum cans for display?
  • Has your health been affected by drinking?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, or a family member can do the same, there is cause for concern.

When Is it Time to Search for Alcoholic Rehab Centers?

Unfortunately, drinking too much is a major public health issue in the US. There may be nearly 18 million people in the country, aged 18 and older, with a drinking problem. As many as one in ten children may live in a home where an adult has a drinking problem.

The good news is that treatment is available that works. The key is finding a program that is effective and that can be tailored to you.

Treatment works, no matter how severe the problem might appear. However, it has to be the right kind of treatment. It depends on the treatment center, their methods, and willingness of the individual to adhere to the programs and necessary follow-ups.

At Sprout Health Group, we have an alcohol treatment program in place to help you and your family gain the understanding of how one can recover from alcohol addiction. It is for the entire family, because families are affected. Our therapies are especially designed to clients make a successful recover from alcohol abuse. We help them to progress from the detox stage, to treatment, and successful follow-ups. We help their families to understand the process as well so that they can continue to provide much needed help along the journey.

If you are not familiar with our programs, get to know us. Our staff members are highly trained and knowledgeable. They have the credentials and certifications that you can trust. They are caring, and their goal is to help set you on the “straight and narrow” path toward recovery.

Question about our services or locations? Reach out to us by calling us 24 hours a day.

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