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Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcohol addiction is one of the most dangerous addictions

At Sprout Health Group, we know the ravishes of alcohol addiction. Alcohol treatment centers are where people can go to get the treatment and attention they need to start back on the road to recovery. After drugs, alcohol addiction is the most dangerous addiction. For individuals or family members confronted with the problems of alcohol abuse, alcohol and drug rehab are the logical choices for treatment and recovery. The biggest challenge is to find the right center and treatments.

What Can an Alcohol Treatment Center Accomplish?

Americans spend a great portion of their income on alcohol. Everyone is aware that excessive drinking can be harmful to a person’s health. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), excessive alcohol use leads to approximately 88,000 deaths each year. This equates to a collective 2.5 million potential years of life lost. Those who died had an average of 30 years removed from their lifespan. The economic costs of excessive drinking are staggering: $250 billion.

Evaluating a Treatment Center

There are numerous types of treatment programs. Just keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different. So look for a drug and alcohol treatment center that takes this into consideration. Here is what to look for:

  • Licensing and Program Accreditation – Your program should be able to show proof of accreditation for your state. If not, keep looking for a better fit.
  • Well -Trained and Qualified Staff Members – This is critical. Look for experience and proof that their programs are effective and accomplish what they set out to do. Make sure the programs are legitimate, and that they do not make promises they cannot keep.
  • Consider Program Effectiveness – A reliable and professional treatment center should have documented proof of their success rate in treating clients. Hopefully, their proof can be offered by an outside, objective source.
  • Aftercare Services – There are reasons why people become addicted to alcohol. An effective treatment solution will also try to identify those reasons, and provide ample follow-ups to make sure the treatment is working.
  • Look for Real Amenities – A room with a beautiful view is important, but the real amenities include appropriate licensing, quality care, follow-sup services, and the credentialed and experienced staff members.

Your selection, or that of relatives matters. The mission of any treatment program should be to help clients find permanent solutions.

  • How does the treatment program accept payment? Will they honor your insurance, or will they work out a payment plan?
  • Is the facility kept clean? Cleanliness matters and can be the first sign of a professional operation, or one lacking.
  • Does the treatment program offer a full range of services that cover psychological, mental, and social challenges? Keep in mind there are a plethora of reasons why a person will become addicted in the first place.
  • Does treatment address physical disabilities, gender, age, or other cultural considerations?
  • Is there long-term aftercare support, and if so, how is it set up?
  • Does the treatment program offer a viable follow-up program?
  • Can you expect the program to offer proper medications?
  • What services are offered to family members to help ensure they fully understand the causes of addiction, and what does the recovery process entail?

There Is a Lot to Consider

This is why we, at Sprout Health Group, train employees to work with families, friends, and employers, in a confidential manner to help our clients through rough spots, and hopefully back toward a full recovery. We have the most comprehensive and effective treatment programs available today.

Making the Right Connections

People addicted to alcohol need the right treatments and level of support to start back down the road to recovery. We offer the type of support that can help people make real changes in their life. This includes aftercare programs that help our clients avoid relapsing into bad habits. The goal is for them to remain free.

Providing the Right Tools for Detox

Alcohol Treatment CenterOur experience is that the right principles, treatments, and strategies are the best tools to help our clients toward a full recovery. We can identify, and help stabilize any disorders that may be occurring at the same time as their alcohol addiction. They can be prepared for higher-level treatments if necessary.

The right detox program can give a client support that is medically managed, to help them get through difficult withdrawal symptoms safely. Treating withdrawal symptoms can be just as critical as treating the addiction itself.

Effective Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Effective treatment results are a combination of many things, including the experience of the treatment center, programs administered, follow-up, and the credentials of each staff member.

Take the time to research your drug and alcohol rehab center thoroughly. Unfortunately, not all programs are created equally. Making the right choice the first time around can make a world of difference in your life and those you care about.

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