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Understanding the requirements of the justice system and more..

Sprout Health Group fully understands the very complex relationship between the requirements of the justice system and the needs of individuals for comprehensive substance abuse treatment and mental health and wellness programs.

Substance addiction always has a legal component. Even with the so-called Good Samaritan Law already being observed in most states all over the country where individuals who openly seek treatment for their substance use disorders will not be legally held accountable for their drug- or substance- related behaviors, many individuals simply cringe at the legal implications of substance abuse. Additionally, while one’s mental state can be made as a defensive strategy in some felonies, the ramifications are simply astounding to comprehend. When used in the court of law, records of mental health treatments must show certain patterns of behavior that will hopefully mitigate the severity of the felony charge.

The Legal-Mental Health-Substance Abuse Axis

Generally, if an individual has been charged with a felony or misdemeanor and has been addicted to a particular substances or even diagnosed with a mental illness, it would be a lot better if he will seek addiction or mental illness treatment while awaiting trial. Likewise, if the charge is drug- or alcohol- related or even related to mental health conditions, then the judge hearing the case can issue a court-ordered treatment as part of the defendant’s punishment in addition to other penalties.

Why Proactively Seeking Treatment is Better

Court ServicesThe first brush with the law often is not enough to deter some individuals from engaging in risky behaviors. However, for many individuals, it is often a wake-up call that something is definitely wrong and that they need to seek professional help before things really do get out of hand. This is especially true if the crime is of a lesser degree. Unfortunately, if the charge already involves the loss of life or significant damage to property, then these can readily spiral out of proportion further aggravating the substance use disorder with anxiety-laden mental illnesses.

Seek professional help is important, if you find yourself at the receiving end of a criminal charge. However, you have to discuss this with your defense lawyer as it can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Generally, however, it is usually taken by both the prosecutor and the judge as a sign of your sense of accountability for your actions and that you are willing to improve on your life so that you will not make the same mistake again. Some courts are more understanding than others and would often interpret this as a sign of maturity and accountability and hence, might be more than willing to make some concessions in your case.

For example, instead of serving time in jail, you might be sent to a court-ordered drug treatment facility instead. If you do proactively seek addiction treatment even without the court’s order, you are simply showing them your sense of responsibility and this will play out well for you.

What Sprout Health Group Can Do to Help

Sprout Health Group provides evidence-based treatment programs for both substance addiction and mental illness cases, whether they are court-ordered or proactively sought. In terms of court services, we provide all the necessary documentation that will prove instrumental in many court cases. Our court services are not only limited to criminal cases, however. We also provide assistance to civil cases where the establishment of one’s mental health status may play a role in the outcome of the civil lawsuit. For example, as parental sanity is increasingly being used as grounds for child custody cases in divorce cases, we can provide the court with a comprehensive psychiatric mental health evaluation of the concerned parent.

For criminal cases, we provide courts with highly comprehensive court-ordered psychiatric mental health evaluation, client progress notes, as well as chemical dependency testing and evaluation for both illicit substances and alcohol. We make sure that all of our addiction and mental illness treatment professionals are well-versed with the requirements of the law especially in court-ordered cases.

Sprout Health Group is a leading provider of comprehensive mental health services, evidence-based addiction treatment programs, and innovative dual diagnosis management. Our services are highly individualized and have been equally supportive of the aims of the US judicial system. Whether you have a brush with the law or simply want to recover on your own, you can count on our dedication and commitment to help you regain full control of your life.

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