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What To Bring

There are a few things you should bring with you on your journey

Our goal in providing you with a list of items of “what to bring” and “what not to bring” is for you to stay focused in your treatment. We want you to focus more on the things that are positive and not on the negative. We want you to experience the joys of life without necessarily subjecting yourself to too many distractions. This is one way to help ensure that you have a much speedier and more meaningful recovery.

What To BringThe road to recovery is never easy. Making the decision to seek professional help takes tremendous courage and strong determination. As such, we at Sprout Health Group are determined to do everything we possibly can to help you complete your therapeutic program so you will have a better chance of leading a mentally healthier, more emotionally stable, and addiction-free life after treatment. At Sprout Health Group, we want you to reap the full benefits of our treatment programs. As such, we want you to stay focused in your treatment.

While staying focused in your treatment, we also recognize the need for you to bring some of the things that will help you make the successful transition from a life outside the walls of a treatment facility to that of one walking the path of recovery. You don’t have to bring your entire wardrobe as our treatment facilities already come with on-site self-service laundry with free use of detergent. You will only need to bring clothing that you can use for about 7 to 10 days and just do your laundry as often as you wish.

What to Bring With You

In addition to your clothing, you are strongly encouraged to bring the following items for the entire duration of your treatment at any of our facilities.

  • Personal identification cards such as social security card, driver’s license, and insurance card
  • Sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket or any other apparel to keep you warm during cold evenings
  • A few pairs of shorts or long pants
  • Several pairs of undergarments including socks
  • Bathrobe, pajamas, and slippers
  • Walking shoes or tennis shoes
  • Personal hygiene products like toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, bath soap, shampoo and conditioner, shavers, deodorants, and products for feminine hygiene
  • Hair dryer, curling iron, travel iron, or flat iron
  • One suitcase only
  • A purse, duffle bag, backpack or a small bag

If you are currently taking certain medications for your medical problems, you have to bring them in the amount that is commensurate to your treatment program. For example, if you opted for a 30 day treatment program, then make sure that you will be bringing a 30-day worth of your prescription medications. This includes vitamins and minerals as well as any other health supplements that you may be taking. However, you have to understand that these medications and supplements will have to be reviewed by our treatment team to make sure that they do not adversely affect your treatment program.

Aside from the items above, you may also bring the following items:

  • Sleep essentials like pillows and blankets as these can make your stay a little bit more like home, although blankets and pillows will already be provided;
  • Swim or outdoor essentials like beach towels, sunscreen, hat or cap, and swimsuits;
  • Recreational essentials like dedicated portable music players such as MP3 players or iPods or any other device that does not have communications or data transmission capabilities;
  • Personal organizers like wristwatches, alarm clocks, journals, stationery, personal address book, and stamps;
  • Reading materials like books, journals, comic books, and magazines
  • Photos of family, loved ones, and friends

What Not to Bring

Sprout Health Group is dedicated to helping you lead a much mentally healthier life as well as a more sober life after your treatment. As such, we strongly discourage you from bringing any of the following items to any of our treatment facilities:

  • Any over-the-counter medications except when there is a medical need for them as specified by a duly licensed medical practitioner;
  • Any paraphernalia used in either drugs or alcohol or both;
  • Any clothing or personal items that depicts or promotes drugs, alcohol, or any other substance including tobacco;
  • Any personal item that contains alcohol such as mouth rinses, isopropyl alcohol, perfume, cologne, hairspray, and hydrogen peroxide;
  • Energy drinks;
  • Candles, sage, incense;
  • Hair dye, acetone, polish remover, and nail polish;
  • Scissors or tweezers;
  • Any electronic device that has communications or data transmission capabilities such as smartphones, tablets, phablets, and laptops;
  • Portable game consoles;
  • Still or video cameras as we would like to maintain absolute privacy of all of our clients;
  • Any music device that has external speakers that can produce noise instead of soothing sound;
  • Anything valuable such as jewelry.

Sprout Health Group is dedicated to the treatment of substance abuse through the implementation of highly innovative and customized treatment plans that are based on best practice guidelines and protocols. We understand how substance abuse can literally change someone’s life as not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and socially as well. Our residential and intensive outpatient programs are guaranteed to provide each client with the kind of treatment that they truly need in a homey, comfortable, yet truly luxurious setting.

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