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Intervention Services

Finding The Root Of The Problem

For the families of these individuals, the main challenge is how to make their loved one realize and understand that the root of all these problems is their substance addiction. For an individual who clearly has altered thought patterns, this might be very difficult.

Many psychoactive substances change the way people perceive things. What may be considered abnormal is still perfectly normal to them. They will always look at their symptoms as problems that can be managed by the consumption of drugs, and not the other way around. They will never recognize the fact that it is the use of drugs that is making them experience these symptoms.

The Family Intervention

Intervention ServicesAn intervention can be best described as an action taken by an individual to help a loved one realize and understand that they require professional help with their substance abuse issues. The intervention group is composed of certain members of the family, friends, and other trusted members of society like the individual’s teacher, pastor, or even a colleague at work. Typically, they will meet and discuss how they can present their observations and their intended action to the addicted individual. The ultimate goal of the intervention is to show the individual how much they are loved and cared for by their family, friends, and everyone else around them that do not want to see them destroying their life.

The Need for Professional Intervention Services

As confronting the individual can be very emotionally taxing, many families who perform the intervention on their own may not be successful in getting their loved one seek professional help. In most cases, the individual might become combative simply because the members of the intervention team lack the necessary skills needed to manage such emotionally-charged situations.

Sprout Health Group provides excellent intervention services that have been designed to persuade, encourage, and motivate the individual to seek comprehensive and effective treatment. We always work with the individual’s family, close friends, and other trusted individuals to help design a way in which they can communicate to the individual their care and concern. They need to be able to convey to the individual that their addiction is not only damaging their health but is also putting a significant strain on their family and social relationships.

Our Intervention Specialist is to facilitate the meeting and the discussion so that tempers will not flare and the emotions will be kept in check. Serving as the mediator, the bridge between the intervention group and the addicted individual. The intervention specialist needs to make sure that the meeting proceeds in a very nonjudgmental, albeit confrontational form. In preparation, members of the intervention group rehearse on what they are going to say as well as practice role play scenarios to make the intervention meeting as fruitful as possible. The goal of the intervention is for the addicted individual to realize that they have chemical dependency that needs professional management and treatment.

Intervention Services have been as successful as our clients who admitted themselves voluntarily. Our Intervention Specialists are well-trained to help facilitate dialogue among the individual, family members, and other significant others. This is very important as motivation is a key factor in ensuring recovery success. Our Intervention Services will develop the motivation in your loved ones to become better persons so they will be treated more effectively and can return to your family a changed and better person.

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