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One of the major issues individuals or family members caring for another who has addiction or mental health problems is co-dependency. Initially considered as beneficial traits especially in helping individuals recover from substance addiction, codependency is now largely taken as a pathologic response to the client-caregiver relationship whereby the latter has become heavily dependent on the need to care for the client or the individual. Failure to do so results in feelings of guilt, loss of self-esteem, and inability to form mutually-beneficial relationships with other persons.

Is Codependency Not Love?

Co-Dependency Treatment ProgramWhile there are those who say that codependency is more a testament to one’s undying commitment to care for another person, it should not really be a problem if the caregiving does not significantly affect the life of the caregiver. What happens is that the caregiver knows to provide assistance care for the individual no matter what. Only whom the individual trusts and expects to care for them through thick and thin. This sense of being needed fuels the psyche of the caregiver, making serving and caring for the individual all the more important. Unfortunately, in doing so, neglects other aspects of their life. In most cases, the caregiver will take on a very protective role for the individual, shielding the individual from threats to their integrity.

For these caregivers, they consider themselves as the individual’s only hope at redemption. They are the last glimmer of hope for their loved ones. Unfortunately, nothing can be farther than the truth. These individuals are being unwittingly manipulated into believing that they are the only ones capable of providing help to their loved ones and protecting them from those who wish to bring harm to them. If there is such a thing as being addicted to love, then that would be codependency. Because of this convoluted idea of love being equated with selfless service to another person, the caregiver’s sense of self-worth becomes severely compromised often open to manipulation and control. This paves the way for the caregiver to sacrifice their own individual needs just to care for the other person. Selfless devotion and love? Or sinister and very manipulative codependency?

Identifying Codependency

The thin line between genuine caring for another person and codependency, it pays to understand that the latter is a psychological condition wherein the sense of satisfaction, or loss, is inherently tied to one’s ability to care for another person. If the person cannot care for their loved one resulting to a variety of physical and psychological symptoms, then it can be said that this person is codependent. However, if they are still able to function normally even if they are not able to care for another person, then there is clearly no problem at all.

To help you distinguish codependency from genuine and normal acts of caring and compassion, a codependent individual will almost always have the following manifestations:

  • Low to very low self-esteem, sometimes even depression;
  • An ever-increasing desire to help or “fix” others;
  • An overwhelming sense of responsibility over the welfare of another;
  • Intense fear of being left alone or living alone;
  • Preoccupation with thoughts about the value of being in a relationship; and
  • Easily gets hurt or offended by others, especially when the assistance or help being provided was ignored or was not recognized.

There are other manifestations of codependency. What is important to understand is that codependency is an abnormal behavior resulting from one’s caregiving relationship. If one can no longer function normally because of this relationship, then codependency can be most likely be suspected.

Managing Codependency, the Sprout Way

Sprout Health Group understands the impact of codependency on family dynamics and family relationships. We provide innovative family programs that specifically address some of these issues such as enabling and codependency. Our Family Therapy program can provide an excellent avenue for the more effective resolution of maladaptive thoughts as well as behaviors related to the caregiving relationship. Our education seminars and case management approaches can provide codependent individuals with the means to manage their own anxieties without necessarily undermining their efforts.

Our group of licensed and well-trained psychoeducation specialists and family therapists can provide families with codependent members all the resources they will ever need to help hurdle these obstacles successfully. We provide valuable information on their loved one’s condition, the treatment programs, how his condition can affect the whole family, and how codependency can have an impact in the overall dynamics of the family.

Sprout Health Group believes in the value of innovative and evidence-based treatment programs. We also value the importance of the family and as such will do everything we can to equip the family with the right tools and resources to manage their own problems especially on the issue of codependency.

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